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HP Mass & Band Work

How would you go about implementing band work into hp mass?

Here is how I use bands for overhead barbell presses, if that is part of your routine: Loop one end of a pair of bands–mini’s in my case–on the bar each an inch or two outside the grip of each hand. The bands are now hanging down from the bar. You simply put your feet in the bands like a stirrup, lift the bar off the pins, squat rack or whatever support and press away.

i was curious if i should just add bands to all the workouts in hp mass after the first cycle of 6 or just one of the workout or the end of the set…etc?

Since the program calls for just a few exercises (squat or front squat, deadlift, OH press, incline press and bench press) I would change things up for a three-week cycle by using bands on all the movements.

I followed the HP Mass program for almost six months back when it first came out and saw great results from performing partial reps off of pins for a three-week cycle every six to nine weeks. I would assume the same would hold true with band work.

I would always get tempted to test my true 1RM on each of the exercises, since following the program has you working with much less than a true 1RM-type of weight. So rather than throw my whole training off by taking a week or longer to properly test each of the main movements, I just used partial reps (top-half bench pressing off of pins, top-half squatting off of pins, rack pulls from just below the knees) for a three-week cycle in order to get the feel of heavier weights in my hands and on my back without throwing everything off entirely.

I think CT mentioned something in his initial articles about the program about performing variations of the main movements from time to time in order to avoid the stagnation that may come with performing such a limited amount of exercises for extended periods of time. Partials, pressing off of pins, band-assisted or adding in band resistance would be a perfect way to change things up every now and then without getting away from one of the main tenets of the program, which is to become powerful by performing lots of upper and lower body presses.

I also have another question about the secondary emphasis do you actually do a lower body pressing movement for instance on a upper body pressing day and if you do what sets and reps would you use? thanks

also on the secondary emphasis for instance on upper body pressing day do you do a lower body pressing movement and if so which one, reps and sets would you use?

[quote]gdarby wrote:
also on the secondary emphasis for instance on upper body pressing day do you do a lower body pressing movement and if so which one, reps and sets would you use?[/quote]

I don’t want to speak for CT, but I do believe that you perform a lower body pressing movement on upper press day and vice versa. I usually did, but on the third week of each cycle, where you’re performing three waves, I was usually pressed for time and skipped it.

But on the days that I did perform the lower body pressing movement and vice versa, I usually performed squats since my squat is a bit of a weak spot and my deadlift has always been my best exercise. I think it’s best to incorporate whatever movement is the weaker of the available options in order to bring it up to par with the others.

I just worked up to my mx training weight once and then dropped down for one wave each week. Sometimes I would only work up to my MTW and then drop down to the weight I start waveloading at for one set without actually working back up to my MTW, essentially eliminating the wave. Not sure if that’s ideal, but the point is to be performing both lower and upper body presses as often as possible, so I would suppose it’s up to your ability to self-regulate yourself that is the determining factor there.