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Hp Mass an Hamstring Size


hi Christian, thank you for inspiring me in this new kind of training. I want to ask you a queek question.
I finished the 3 weeks and I improved my back squat by 30 lbs and the deadlift by 35 or so. but I lost size in the hamstring and upper thigh.
So tonight I felt the hurge to go to the gym for a brief, 15 min second session where I did front lunges (40 overal reps with a easy weight for me, focusing on speed.. 10-8-8-8-6 the sequence ) and kneeling leg curl focusing on speed again and pretty fast negative as well (10-5-5-5-5-5-5)

I still do my sled work that I love at the end of the squat-deadlift day

upper body improved a lot instead with canonic hp mass
what would u have done to bring up hams and upper thighs? I want it in a body building way, so over emphasized
thank u


how could I explain the lost of measures in legs after the first 3 weeks? I Really enjoyed the leg workout and sled work as well, but at the same time even with the sled never had a really blasting pump even if I felt really working ..for now about 4 rounds of 4 exercises


I want to apologyze with Christian for having made this post, I understand now there is a precise session for Q and A for those things...sometimes I am on the clouds... sorry again and thank for your inspiration.
I keep reading the other section and eventually write u something.
I will somehow figure it out what I need myself