HP Mass Add Ons?

Hi Coach, i hope you and the family are doing well. I would like to intelligently add on some of the circuits that have been associated with the HP Mass training principles, for the next 6 week cycle. Would there be any difference between the two proposed templates below, if any?

1 Max rep/ Isolation Circuits
2 Same as WK 1
3 Strength Circuit
4 Same as Wk 3
5 Ab Blitz
6 Same as Wk 5


1Max rep/ Isolation Circuit
2 Strength Circuit
3 Ab Blitz
4 Same as Wk1
5 Same as Wk 2
6 Same as Wk3

If you’re talking the original HP mass program, you would be foolish to add anything as the work volume is already insane. If you’re speaking of the revised edition, that’s a different story.

Can you still find the original article?

@TrainForPain unfortunately no. Tried web archive. org (wayback machine) but couldn’t come up with the correct string of keywords. I did save pictures of most of the article but it’s not complete.

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Look like a bodybuilder perform like an athlete is the updated version that’s still available.


@DoubleDuce, thanks. Yeah, I should give that one a fair shot. I tried the original when it came out and enjoyed it; maybe I’m just nostalgic.

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