HP Mass: 5 Reps for Upper/Lower Pressing?

The original HP Mass article Look like a bodybuilder, Perform like an Athlete prescribed 3 reps for all Upper and Lower pressing movements. Can you also use 5 reps with the same set and rep formula outlined in the accompanying HP Mass Upper and Lower pressing articles?

If you want to try 5 reps, maybe drop the MTW for upper pressing from 87.5% to 80% of your 5RM and for lower pressing either keep the MTW at 80% of your 5RM or drop it to 75%. As the original program is based on high volume even at 3 reps. Best of luck dude.

Thanks for the advice.

I’ve tried a HP mass cycle with five reps in all my pressing exercises, in the past. Word of warning, week 3 can be pretty grueling and long though.

Adding a strength circuit of 2 sets of 3 exercises that emphasize the main movements of your pressing workout, is another way of implementing 5 reps into your routine. I just thought of it tell you the truth.

Thanks man. I have decided to drop the MTW to 75% of my 5RM for both lower and upper pressing, and see how that goes.