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HP Mass 3 Days Per Week?


Anyone here using HP Mass principles in a three days per week template? I'd be interested in how have you laid everything out and what modifications you have done, if any? There must be others who find it hard to make it to the gym even four times a week due to work/family/sports obligations.

I've found these two templates by CT (if I remember them correctly):

Day 1: Lower body performance
Day 2: Neural Charge
Day 3: Upper body performance

Day 1: Lower body performance
Day 2: Foundation
Day 3: Upper body performance

If anyone has any experience from one of the above or their own three days per week template, could you please post here?

I thought this might be a thread for us "threedaysperweekers" :slightly_smiling: to share our own templates and perhaps getting some ideas to our own training while reading others'.

I'd be happy to post my own "spin-off", if there's interest? It's still kind of a "work in progress", but so seems to be all my training...


You could do both NC and foundation at the same day. Thib explained it in his article that he does some lats and biceps after his NC.


Yeah I remember that...but I wouldn't want to use an entire training day to foundation only. That would leave me just two days for performance work, which is what I'm mostly after; performance.

I figured I'd stagger the foundation work into one of those three weekly workouts and do some sort of neural charge work at home on non training days...some jump and plyo push-up variations. Anything that can be done without equipment.




Yes...that's why I didn't ask CT :slightly_smiling:

And I'm talking more of having only three performance days in a week. Neural charge could be done for example at home on the other days and I remember reading somewhere that CT was working on some sort of "mini" neural charge workouts which could be done almost anywhere and even several times a day if one so wanted.

So the main difference would be three performance days a week rather than four. And perhaps the inclusion of foundation work somewhere else than on it's own day.

If the word "HP Mass" referring to loading parametres, multi-exercise ramping and such can't be used in the above circumstances then let's forget it was mentioned in the firstplace.

Just intrested how everyone has adapted the above mentioned things in to their own three days per week training...


maybe a different program might be better suited for you.

Take a look at some of Wendler's 3 day 5/3/1 variations


Thanks for the tip. I actually have both, Wendler's 5/3/1 manual and 5/3/1 for Football and I do like the basic principles of slow and steady progress and regular PRs, which they are built on. I would want to give it a go, but our football season is approaching and I only have about two and a half months before I need to switch into in-season. I think it's too short of a time to really get most out of a program like 5/3/1.

Right now I'm in a middle of my last accumulation / hypertrophy period and I've been playing with the ideas I got from CT's HP Mass articles. Figured I'd follow with an intensification block focusing a bit more to "grinding" strength and finish with some sort of power block implementing CT's complexes.

But I think I should've been more specific with what I meant in the first place...I meant three GYM days a week. You know...with barbells, squat racks etc. This from CT:

"One of my core training principles... no, make that MY core training principle is that the more you can train without exceeding your capacity to recover the more you'll progress. Not surprisingly my approach is thus based on finding ways to make it possible to increase training frequency and overall workload.

If you look at the way I train and coach people, it varies a lot. But there are some elements that are staples: eccentric-less work, neural charge workout, not going to failure, low reps, avoiding excessive eccentric emphasis, etc."

I feel that principle can be applied into a three GYM days per week template. Eccentric-less sled work and neural charge can be done in some form on non GYM days. From CT: "Do something! Everything counts". No it's not as effective and no it's not the "purist" version of HP Mass, but I don't think there's nothing wrong trying to make most of it.

But I'll be more specific with my questions in the future...at least I DID use the search function :slightly_smiling: