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HP 3RM Retest


to those who have finished their 1st cycle of HP Mass, how much have your 3RM increased?


OH press increased 20#
Incline press increased 15#
Bench increased 15#
Squat didn't increase
Deadlift increased 20#


Is that lbm, % or kgs?


= lbs


actually retested worse on mp...had a week off though before testing so no biggie...my new max training wt is actually more than tested but i did it yesterday and was alright


Flat BB: 7.5kg
bb Squat: 10kg
front squat: 5kg
deadlift: 15kg


3RM in pounds after 6 weeks of program, missing several days in week 6:
MP: +20 to 170 (started weak here)
Incline BB Bench +25 to 235
Flat BB Bench +20 to 290
Squat +15 to 355
Dead + 15 to 375


6 weeks done...front squat up 40lbs, trap deads up 35lbs, upper presses will be going up starting this week due to shoulder problem 3 weeks in. Coolest thing is bwt up from 183 after bowhunting 1 month to 197 and 7 site skinfold bf% tested at 6.1% down from 8.5%. Also feel sooo much better training this way.


I have my 3RM retest this week and I am anxious about the results. Feels like bar speed has really gone up on all excersises despite injuring my shoulder while wrestling and not being able to press on weeks 2 and 3 but I just started week 4 with week 1's weight on pressing excersises... Now ofcourse I hurt my elbow on week 6... hopefully not a tennis elbow :/.


Seated OHP - 175 lbs to 190 lbs
Incline Bench - 220 lbs to 255 lbs
Flat Bench - 275 lbs to 285 lbs
Powerlifting Squat - 315 lbs to 340 lbs
Sumo Deadlift - 315 lbs to 325 lbs

My weight used on accessory work has also improved (ie rear delt raises, upright rows, power snatch, etc)

Overall I am happy enough with this program to give it another 6 week run. I had been doing 5/3/1 for about the past 10 months and experienced steady strength gains on my big 3. As long as this program continues to help my big 3 lifts and my conditioning continues to increase i will continue with the HP Mass program.


Standing OH Press- 135 lbs to 160 lbs
Bench Press- 240 lbs to 260 lbs
Olympic Squat- 300 lbs to 315 lbs
Dead lift- 380 lbs to 405 lbs
Dips- 45 lbs to 70 lbs

Running through the program with the new training maxes.