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How's Your Year at the Gym So Far?


Since we're past the halfway point in the year, how's everyone's progress going so far in 2009?

Mine's going good, I did a real bulk for the first time, I gained about 25 lbs, my bench is (FINALLY) approaching 300 lbs. I've added 4" to my hips, and thighs, 3" to my chest, and 1.25" to my arms, they're finally at 17".


Started gym mid Feb and went from 135lbs to 166lbs. Strength is way up, inches added everywhere but my waist. Beginner gains rule.


Fucking sucked. Injury after injury, none of them weight lifting related. I've torn some muscles in my thigh and calf, sprained my ankle and the list goes on.

Let's just hope the next half of the year will be better.


Stalling with eating more. I just need to force feed myself but it's hard. I never "feel" hungry at breakfast BUT I still eat just never that large.
I think I just need smaller meals more frequently? Tips?


Eh idk. Since I started ACTUALLY putting some work in at the gym and in the kitchen starting April after stupidly researching for about a year and worrying about shit I shouldn't be worried about, I gained 15 lbs (of course not all muscle but I feel the need to point out that I'm not saying it's all muscle) and increased weight on all of my lifts by a statistically significant difference.
Self-judging I'd say I also learned how to do certain lifts with better (not flawless) technique, and I guess my arm size increasing by 2 inches wasn't bad either. (they're WHOPPING 14s now. Ssup bitchez?)

Beginner gains FTW


Same Here. Besides the Lack of food, my strength has upped a good amount. It might not sound amazing but just since February my arms have went from 13.5 to 16 inches. My bench has jumped from 145 to 225 and other numerous PR's. My weight has went from 212 (fatty) to a slightly harder 205 lbs.

This is not noob gains either. I took about two years off after living at a military school and getting fitness crammed down my throat.


In the gym 4 weeks.

It's going so good some people can't believe it.

Roll on a years time !


Started having recovery/fatigue problems late December at my heaviest, found out I had bad sleep apnea so I spent a good 8 weeks dropping fat in hopes it would help until more permanent solutions could be made (it did at least), then things went pretty well gained a lot of strength... then had surgery and lost it all, and here I am feeling like I've accomplished nothing so far.


Sucks Balls. Started the year with a tearing sensation in my trap rhomboid area while deadlifting that has not gone away. 2 weeks ago my gym up and closes with no warning except a sign on the door. The only other gyms in the area are 2 planet fitness'. One has free weights and DBs to 80, the other only machines and DBs to a motherfucking 50 pounds. Needless to say, I'm Pissed Off.


I have recently had the same problem...

What have you been doing for it?


Some times when i DL i feel this kind of "burning/quick stab/tear" sensation usually in my left trap/rhomboid spot. i don't know if it's at the same spot every time. Is this what you guys are talking about?


14'' is better than 12'', no? Good job on the progress.

This year at the gym and kitchen has been great for me. I've learned a lot, and I've improved in one way or another just about every day/every week whether it be lifting progress, a better understanding of certain concepts, improved diet, better cooking, etc. I see only better things to come in the next 6 months.


great! went from 189 to now 220. mostly muscle to

squat went from 260x2 to 345x2 raw, and 405x 2 in my breifs

bench went from 185x4 to 255x2

deadlift went from 315 to 470

Im not shredded, but man gainin all the weight and strength in the winter, helped me dominate in wrestling, and find another true passion:powerlifting


Mine creeps up from the middle of my back all the way up to the bottom of my skull.

Mine hurts all the time, and I can remember my dumbass losing form and the noise it made perfectly.


good - moved to a new gym where I'm not the biggest or close too the strongest in november and it's just what I needed haven't got numbers on me but both weights and volume are up especially for back and shoulders


I finally started gaining mass on my arms in the recent 2 months.

Damned "you don't need to work your arms directly" got me for the first 6-8 months of my training. So now I'm sitting here with 15 inch arms and... 26 inch legs, 50 inch shoulders, 44 inch chest.

I don't know if that's an okay ratio, but my arms seem facking small compared to other people with way worse legs/shoulders/back than me.


That is it exactly!! It's on my right side, I had shoulder surgery on the left, and thought it may be the right side over-compensating or my horrendous posture sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours a day.

It feels like a sharp stab that burns for like 5 minutes, then goes away, but every set following burns but with no stabbing pain. A lot of prone shrugs and face pulls to both warm up and finish back workouts seemed to help a little followed by foam rolling. Rack pulls from just above the knee hurts it when going over 365, but DLs from the floor bring the pain starting at 225.


good - moved to a new gym where I'm not the biggest or close too the strongest in november and it's just what I needed haven't got numbers on me but both weights and volume are up especially for back and shoulders


Going great, no complaints.


Terrible; I've completely let my studies overwhelm me this last semester.
During the holidays I felt overtrained; 8 times a week excercising was too much for me, and I felt sore, tired and de motivated for the whole times.
It's only now that I'm trying to get my pitiful strength back on track. I've realised, more than anything, patience is key.