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How's your Surge & Power Drive doing ?

I just picked these two Biotest supplements at a downtown Toronto supplement store.

I just wanted to hear from other T-Mag forum posters what their experiences are with the two…
I know, I checked the search feature on Surge (found Berardi’s article) but I would like to hear from the lifters what their honest, unbiased opinions & results have been so far.

Let me know… all I know is the Power Drive seems to be pretty damn potent; I really was “dialed in” during my last workout. Any comments on the funky taste ?

I like the taste of power drive, it’s cool.

I swear by Surge. Recently I’ve been taking a post-workout called Relentless by Xtreme Formulations, and that shit sucks!! It makes me nauseaus and taste like the ass of a monkey!
I don’t like the carb(1.5) to protein(1) ratio in it either. I’m going back to my surge. I miss it so!!! My recovery has been suffering ever since I switched.

As far as the power drive, I’ve never seen outstanding results with one serving, but if I double up and take 200mg caffeine then I’m set.

hahahahahahahahaha, i’ve never tasted the ass of a monkey before.

but seriously, power drive is pretty cool stuff. i usually use it for study purposes. 30-45 minutes after taking a dose, i’m in tunnel vision mode. as for the gym…it helps there too, but the stuff’s expensive so i only use it when i’m really feeling out of whack. most of the time my focus in the gym is pretty good.

Jay, I get great results w/ 1/2 a serving of power drive. Give it a try.

Edgar 03, if you need more than 1 serving of PD plus a caffeine tab to get psyched, something is wrong, and I mean that sincerely. You may have digestive issues which interferes w/ absorption, or you’ve burned out your nervous system w/ too many stimulants.

Lay off all stimulants for a few weeks, and then try taking .5 - 1 serving of PD on a totally empty stomach.

Just my 2 cents.

Best of luck

I tried Surge the first time about a year ago. I have been using it since.

Powerdrive works too. I lift after work and this gets me dialed in for the gym.

Thanks for the concern Sonny S. Your words did not fall on deaf ears. As a typical full-time job/full-time student, mid-twenties kind-of-guy. I’m well aware of my fried receptors. Needless to say I don’t double up on PD daily and munch on caffeine tabs, nor would I recommend that anyone do so. I was just making the point that PD isn’t quite the kick needed for me pre-workout. (Mostly due to my poor receptors having given up the ghost.)

These days I stick with head-butting the front-desk slut at my gym for a morning pick-me-up.

That is all.

Full-time job and school, that is brutal. Plus side is that you get school over with quicker than if you went part-time