How's Your Strength of Character?

How is our strength of character. Mine is so so> I think that is what we live for is to gain the strongest character we can have.

The basic is right from wrong, our good versus evil. The angel and devil on our shoulder. Yesterday i was walking in chicago after my daughter graduated from Boot camp. Yeah I am proud as … Really there are no words to describe. Seeeing one of your kids on there way to sucess.

Any way here I am, in Nordstoms and this family is sitting down kinda lost like everyone who does not live in chicago.
Two kids are laughing one is whinning , and the husband is looking for this place on the mall map, ans says here it is.

So the
“wife says okay smart guy show me”.
he points to the map.
“Right here he says pointing again”
“NO! she says Show me come on if you are so smart show me”
“right here. we go out this door and take a left walk fifty feet and there it is”

" we’ll I want you to show me" She lights a smoke and reclines agaist the wall"

He goes oput the door then says then lets go youdon’t have to be an asshole.

Who ways thte ass she nagged and nagged he was trying hard to exsplain ad she would not move to show him

he was beratted and be littled, and in the end he said under his breath quietly, “you do not have to be an asshole.”

He spent probably the rest of the day appologizing, shit I had to watch more i followed them out and he tried to stand his ground.

Said you do not have to talk to me when i am trying to show you where you want to go, and you treat me like I am the enemy. All I was doing was showing you on the map and you ridicule me. You talk to our daughter like a freind smile and laugh , but you see me and just argue and take it all out on me. just cause we are lost I am lost too I here the kids I have carried one on my shoulders for half the day. Don’t act like you are alone

She said i should make you walk back all the way home for calling me an asshole, as the got in a cab

I do not know I think he llost , butit was not about winning ore losing

can any one anylyze theses characters.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Why waste time analysing losers?

She’s a loser for belittling her husband in front of her kid (and smoking in front of the kid too).

He’s a loser for letting her.

She has his balls, and he won’t reclaim them.

This is partly why I’m wary of having kids. The more you love your children, the more power your woman has over you, because 90% of the time, if you divorce, the mother gets the child.


I got the best advice in the world from a biker outside a bar one day.

“Listen, when you get married, make sure the broad is great with kids, because when you guys split up (and you will) you’re going to want those kids to have the best mother in the world. They’re the most important thing.”

I can’t figure out whether it’s overtly cynical or overtly realistic. Probably a little of both.

I do because there Are parts of us in every one and I like to pick things like that apart.

Besides I always wanted to be a writer so I watch and anylyze. Like the whole biker commment, I am going for overtly realistic.

She needs someone like him. He does not need someone like her.

You could drop that guy in the middle of nowhere (which is where he was for all intents and purposes) and he would do his best to make a bad situation better. She on the other hand, would bitch and moan, making a bad situation worse.

I know a few people like them, and feel very fortunate that I found a good wife that loves me and works with me through lifes obstacles.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
The more you love your children, the more power your woman has over you[/quote]

If that’s the way you see it, you’re probably better off not having a family right now.

A family is about love and togetherness; about you and your wife helping each other raise your kids so that they become responsible and caring persons. It’s about having fun together, tackling problems together, making big decisions together; giving your kids the best childhood possible, being there for them.

It’s not about who has power over the other. That’s not a family, that’s a gang.