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How's your progress so far?

I originally posted this in the Pound, but then remembered that the vast majority of the contestants aren’t in the Pound, so…

Shout out to all you H-R Contest competitors, and those of you leaning up for the summer -

How’s it going so far? Are you satisfied with your progress up to this point?

Any major changes or minor tweaks to your program, or are you happy enough with how things are going that you’re going to leave things the same for awhile?

So far, I’ve lost about 12 lbs. of fat and gained about 8 pounds of muscle (hey, that’s what the numbers say, although I’m obviously taking them with a grain of salt) with BF% dropping from the original 22.1% to 17.3% as of the last measurement. It’s been rewarding to see my weight stay the same from the second week on, yet see the measurements on the tape measure gradually go down.

I’ll have a better and more accurate idea of the actual numbers when I go in for a skinfold check this weekend.

So how about the rest of you? Let’s hear some progress reports!

Good idea for a post. I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed in the lack of progress reports considering we’ve got around 100 entrants now. I don’t know if everyone’s intentionally “playing possum” or what. I also thought that more people were going to post their pics up after that specific post about doing so.

Midway thru my fourth week right now…so far, so good. Upon seeing my before pics, I got a little more motivation as it was obvious that my starting bodyfat was not as low as the equations showed. This gives me the opportunity to make more improvement, which I felt I was at a disadvantage at originally. I am no longer using bodyfat equations but simply monitor my ab skinfold (4 mm. or BUST) and waist size, the mirror, pictures, and workout performance.

No real setbacks so far other than a mild lower back injury that happened yesterday while experimenting with bent presses. I know that they will happen throughout the course of the contest and I am doing what I can to ensure that I am fully prepared for them.

The hardest thing for me is finding time for everything. Between training, cardio, posing, stretching, meal prep, and soon to be tanning, this doesn’t leave me much time for anything else. Hell, it’s opening week of baseball and I’ve barely kept up with my fantasy teams! This is a great “trial run” though should I ever get the courage to get on an actual BB stage. While I’ve been aware of how much effort contest prep takes, you don’t fully appreciate it until you actually go through it.

Posting my pics, which was a VERY difficult thing for me to muster up the courage to do, was the BEST thing I could’ve ever done. I’ve gotten some nice compliments as well as some great advice on what areas I need to improve, ranging from the obvious (EAT MORE) to the specific (lat width, posing technique, etc). Where I live, most everyone tells me I look good. Here, I get some honest feedback on problem areas that need special attention from people that really know what to look for. This, to me, is priceless.

I’m going to be posting update pics in the next day or two (just got my new digital camera). Things have been going good so far and I’m looking forward to starting the Hot-Rox with 4-AD. Here’s what my numbers say so far (but take them with a grain of salt, like everyone’s percentages b/c, they’re just numbers)

start - 168.2 @ 8.1 % (154.6 lbs lbm)
today - 162.8 @ 5.6 % (153.7 lbs lbm)

Wait a minute…did you actually say 12 lb. fat loss and 8 lbs. muscle gain???

Wow…that is very impressive. Looks like another one is on his way to a top finish at that rate!!

well I am not in any contest, but I would like to note that my training and diet are as awesome as ever. I have been realy getting ready for this summer, and to be hinest with you, I have been ready since February. I have never bulked, but I will after this summer passes. I like the way being lean makes me feel and look, but I would like to be as lean as I am now with about 10lbs on. I currently am upping my calories after being notitfied by a good friend that I was way undereating. This feels good, but I feel like I am always eating, which is cool cause I enjoy to eat. But overall I like your idea of getting people to post how they are doing. I have a fire lit inside me that is never going to burn out, and I want everyone to know that. Good luck to all who are training for a goal, and also to those who are training for the sole purpose of doing it, get it done brothers:)

mamann, Congratulations on your current progress!! You’ve been dieting for the contest for a little over 3 weeks right? I don’t mean to burst your bubble (you probably even realize too) but I don’t think you’ve actually lost 12 lbs. of fat and gained 8 lbs. of lbm. in this short of time. This is just not possible in that sort of time frame, but over 10 weeks sure it is. Good to know you are taking those numbers w/ a grain of salt b/c most likely they are way off. My 10 week goal is to gain 10 lbs. lbm and lose 10 lbs. fat so if you’ve already did it in less than 4 weeks then what the heck are you doing mamann? Jeebus!!

I’m just happy to see my scale weight drop, along with my abs popping out. Arms and legs actually look leaner as well. But for me, I’m strictly trying to drop weight right now, in fat of course, and hold on to lbm. The supps are helping with keeping the lbm. so I’m pretty sure it’s all or mostly fat.

started around the same bodyweight 21 days ago, 206lbs. Tanita says i’m down from 14 to 11. I figure i got another 8 weeks so i should hit my goal of 205lbs at 5%. Water fluctuations are big considering the low carbing with the high carb meals post workout. Need to have patience and discipline. I’m going on spring break for a week so it will give me time to relax and stay away from the gym so i can come back for the home stretch. laters pk

Two weeks in and I am pleased with my progress so far. I am letting the mirror do all the talking for atleast another two weeks. For the first time in as long as I can remember, (I am almost 39 so that’s a long time), I can see my abs! I knew they were in there.
I am not sure what to contribute this miraculous event to. I can plainly see the outline of the top two sections. The first time I caught a glimpse I was sure it was an optical illusion of some type, lol. The rest is still covered with fat. Even so, it has been so long since I had seen any part of my abs, this has fueled my fire.
Going on a cruise for 7 days in May for my honeymoon, more motivation to get ripped and look good on the beach. It is enjoyable and motivating to read about everyone’s progress, let’s keep this topic rollin’… Herc

Feeling either brave or stupid . . .

Monty and others are disappointed by the lack of before pics being posted by H-R contestants. I guess I’ll throw out my pride and bite the bullet.

Fat chick pics coming ASAP, although I still can’t believe I’m doing this . . .

Montie: I admire the fact you got your picture up, because I just couldn’t bring myself to show my pasty-white, fat body to the world without a new improved version to post right next to it! Props to you!

Also, bro, you gotta watch out for those little injuries, so they don’t become more serious, nagging ones…

Machine: Actually, I entered a local contest (thanks to a little challenge from the wifey-poo) on February 22, I think it was, when I was actually at 22.1% bf. I didn’t enter the B-R Contest until a couple of weeks later when I’d already dropped down to 19.3%. I’m currently wrapping up my 6th week, which makes the numbers a little less outrageous, but obviously still questionable.

Bottom line is, like I mentioned above, the weight has stayed at the same (230) and I’ve lost inches (don’t have my log with me, so I can’t tell you exactly how many) around my hips and waist.

At the same time, I’ve gained around my forearms, which I measure between bf% measurements as a rough indicator of muscle gain.

So, at the very least it’s progress. And since the numbers don’t matter a lot to me in the big picture, but the results I see in the mirror, it’s definitely an inspiration!

Before I’m old and decrepit, I WILL see an eight-pack, dammit! Not a wussy six-pack, but an eight-pack like ole’ George in the Photo forum! :slight_smile:

I’m not taking Hot Rox, in fact I’m not taking anything, but I’ve been “cutting” for two weeks now.

I was going to post before and after pictures, but now it looks like they’ll probably look exactly the same. Oh well, I started at 7% and I was down a tiny bit from that last week. I’ve still got a week left though, and I’m measuring bf again tonight.

This is my first cutting attempt, and I wanted to see how far I could get completely natural. Not too far I guess. I’m doing it just for the experience and to make sure I am as lean as possible before I start bulking next month.

However, I must say, this Meltdown Training is something else. I’m going to be in excellent cardiovascular shape by the time I’m done.


No shame, girl. Just seeing you here tells everyone that you’re on the road to Vixenhood.

The fact that you’re moving along that road is the one that matters. It doesn’t really matter where you are at the moment–you’re on the right track.

I started just before the contest at 190 lbs and 9% BF. After one week I was 187 and 8% BF. Three weeks in I’m 183 and 6.5%. I do not agree with the BF% but the differance/loss is real. I’m showing a lot more than I ever have. I actually suspect a bit more of a differance since my shoulders are visibly bigger and heavier. I do not think I am actually 6.5 % but I do beleive I’ve lost 10 lbs FM and gained 3 lbs muscle. Not nearly the gain of mamann but I am definately pleased. 5 more weeks should show quite a bit of progress. I’ve already been tanning which helps!

Re my progress and my “numbers”…

Sure, the progress looks good, but you guys have to remember I was quite the “phat phuck” when starting out, so of course the initial progress is going to look great at first, and then inevitably slow down as I progress and get closer to you single digit T-Studs.

Speaking of phat, where’s Phatman hiding out these days?

bump for Phatman

Okay, let’s see.

One hundred and thirty posts in the Challenge entry thread. Of course, not all are actual entrants, but a fair share.

A total of seven contestant responses to report their progress so far…

One can only assume that a) a bunch of people have dropped out of the contest, b) the ones that haven’t dropped out aren’t satisfied enough with their progress to give any current update, or c) we’ve got some sleepers that are going to lay low until the big day of reckoning…

The way these contests usually go leads me to think that a) is the most likely reason for the lack of response. You start out with a bang, don’t see the results you want, and say screw it.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there and done that. And it sucked.

But not this time, baby! This is nothing but good news for those of us who are still in the “Quest for the Jacket”! Oh yeah, and a little “cache”!

June 1st is rolling up on us, and we’ll see you guys at the finish line!!

(Just felt like talking a little smack this morning! :slight_smile: )


I have tried 6 times to post my damned photos. Not sure why I’m so eager to look silly, but I am. I finally worked up the courage to post and now the computer keeps eating my pics.

Off for round 7 . . .

Well, I guess I’m doing something right. After week two, the calipers show 5.82%. I started at 163 and I think I’m just under 160 now. I still look pretty much the same in the mirror, though. One week left…

Oh yeah -

Everyone else, great job, keep up the good work!