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How's your Big Back Stack?

I just read Chritian’s suggestions for a back routine and concur with everything he states. I’ve been doing a similar routine for my back for probably 6 months now and the results are phenominal. My back was just about the weakest point in my physique, now its nearly the strongest after my quads. My problem is that my “center traps” are woefully undersized in comparison to the rest of my upper back. It makes my back look really weird. Also wide grip rows (something Christian did not suggest) seem to get my center traps more than a center trap shrug move. Does anyone else have this problem? How did you get around it? Who’s making big progress on their back right now using his “stack” or something similar? Who out there likes having a massive back? I love it… the overall thickness is really impressive and to have that power in your back makes you feel like the incredible hulk sometimes.