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How's This Workout Routine?

Hello everyone!

I am new here, from Bordeaux / France!

I have been lifting for about 8 months, but only casually due to my job. I have been switching from 3 to 4 trainings a week back and forth and I feel that this is not consistent for making concrete progress… So I have been trying to find what would suit more my schedule and it seems that 3 days a week at a gym is all I can do. So what would you recommend? I was thinking of a 3 day Full body workout that goes like this.

A. Full Body 1 (Monday)

1. Squat 4X4-6
2. Incline Bench Press 4X4-6
3. Barbell Row 3X6-8
4A. Barbell Curls 3X8-10
4B. Tricep extension 3X8-10

B. Full Body 2 (Wednesday)

1. Deadlift 4X4-6
2. Overhead Press 4x4-6
3. Chin Ups 3X8-10
4. Weighted Dips 3X8-10

C. Full Body 3 (Friday)

1. Bench Press 4X4-6
2. Front Squat 4X4-6
3. Pull Ups 3X8-10
4A. Hammer Curls 3X8-10
4B. Skull Crushers 3X8-10

Is it a good way to start all over again and find consistency? Or do you have another program/template to recommend?


Someone more experienced should chime in soon. Looks ok. Goals? Progression? Bw, height and maxes?

Looks pretty decent compared to other programs that beginners come up with. Whats the plan though? Make sure to use progressive overload ( adding weight or reps) heck, if you wanna do your program for a while and you like it then yeah go for it. The best gains you make is when you’re doing something you enjoy and giving it 110% rather then 50% half assed on something you dont like . I train doing my own programming and it isnt the best way since im still a newbie lifter and not that much programming knowledge but heck i like the freedom and then if i dont progress then i can t blame any program i followed because itl be my own fault . Anyways here are some good 3 day a week programs if you’re looking to follow a structured plan.

@arnaud33 what are your goals? Try to be specific.

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You’re missing shoulders on days 1 and 3. I would dump the skull crushers/tricep extensions and add something for shoulders.

Thanks for your answers!

My specs:

5’9 and 150lbs (down from 170 since october 2016) I am now trying to gain some strength and mass, up to 165lbs. I am doing IF (suits me more with my chef life). So the idea is to do this routine for a few months and then to move to Jim 5/3/1 4 days a week (I will have more time to train next year).

My maxes:

Bench press: 154
Deadlift: 250
Overhead press: 100
Squat: 200

@jellodirt Thanks for your advice! I thought bench and pull ups would work on the shoulders…

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This is a well laid out routine, run it for as long as you can make progress and continue enjoying it. If the rep ranges you laid out are intended to be programmed as double progression rather than arbitrary numbers, you’re on the right track.

Incline bench will hit your shoulders pretty hard so don’t worry too much about changing what you’ve written. If you find the main pressing work stimulates your triceps well you can change it up to include the direct shoulder (or maybe even chest if that’s what lags) work.

Thanks for your answer! I enjoy this program very much and I programmed these rep ranges as double progression and will try to add weight as soon as I get the maximum reps for each set.

I will keep it up for a few weeks and see how my body reacts!