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How's This Training Plan?


Assume diet is taken care of.

Day 1
Squat 10,8,8
Straight leg deadlift 12,12
calf raise 12, 12
hang clean 6,6,6
upright row 12,12
db shrugs 2x12

day 2
Bench 10,8,8
bentover row 12, 12
incline db bench 12,12
latpull (wide) 12,12
weight dips 12,10,8
bar curl 12,12


Day 4
Power Clean 6,5,5
push press 8,8,8
frontsquat 10,8,8
leg curl 12,12
leg extension 12,12
calf raise 12,12 heavy

Day 5
incline bench 10,8,8
low row 12 12
db bench 12 12
pull ups: 3 sets of 8 w/ emphasis on form
close grip 12,10,8

Most of the compound lifts have an added plyometric action performed with it. Bench for example is paired with a medicine ball ceiling toss (imagine lying on a bench throwing it straight up to a partner). Squats are accompanied by squat jumps.

This is a 9 week program that starts with the first 3 weeks low weight high reps, weeks 4-6 are medium weight medium reps, and weeks 7-9 are low rep high weight.

Tell me what ya think!


NEVER. Not even my own.

If you have to ask if your routine looks good, you're better off using a plan laid out by someone who knows what they're doing.


This wasn't created by myself. It was created by a trainer for college athletes and was given to me. I was curious on an opinion of it. Thanks for the response though, it really helped!


lol. That was my semi-polite way of saying this program is awful. Looks like a smash-up of some bullshit program from Muscle & Fiction and a spring training conditioning program, with just enough stuff that works thrown in to get results.

Assuming you're a beginner who wants to get bigger and stronger, you can throw out half of that stuff and make better progress.


Assuming diet is taken care of, you're fine. The magic is not in the program, but in your consistency. Stick to this every week, eat big, track your progress. As you progress, add more sets. Make sure you're consistently adding weight too, even if it means you have to scale back on reps for a few weeks.


Correct. Are any of those exercises super setted? It seems like they're paired that way. Also, I don't see a back exercise as a main movement. Lots of high rep rowing on several of the days. Are you considering the bb row and/or clean is the main movement?


It looks pretty.

I like all the numbers and words


Thanks for the responses!

I've been lifting 4 days a week since september actually. So this 9 week plan would put me near the start of summer. Any suggestions for a main back lift? I could throw in some deadlifts on that 4th day.