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How's This Supplement Idea Sound?

I went into this semester around 173 lbs at 5’10", and now 3 weeks later i’m about 175-176. I was thinking of spending the next 15 weeks working up to 185-187, and then putting about 12 weeks of Alpha Male to the test, along with obviously a perfect diet, a solid lifting program, and lots of sleep.

I’m hoping maybe this will over the course of the 12 weeks lean me out at 187ish and maybe even bump me up to 190 and lean. The money won’t really be a problem. Is this a worthwhile expirement to take on, or is it better to just wait til i’m up around 200 or more to start taking it??

Ultimately its up to you, but I guess you could continue to make progress without the Alpha Male… then when your progress starts to stagnate then use the Alpha Male for an extra boost.

I dont see why you’d choose the Alpha Male to lean out and not to aid in your bulking up and staying leaner possibly. Then if wanting to lean out, though not the best plan IMO without giving your body time to adjust to the added weight and hang on to it, choose a supp like HOT-ROX that is made for leaning out and preservation of lean mass??

No way am I an expert. But at your age, I don’t think you will see an apreciable rise in test levels to justify taking Alpha Male. Your body is making test like no one’s business right now. Carbolin 19, however, is a whole different idea. I have a feeling that shit works. Read up on that stuff before making your decision.

Good luck.

My .02

How old are you?

Because if your in your teens or even twenties then I would say that your t levels probably aren’t holding you back. If you are over 30 then I’d say it sounds like a good idea. Are you using creatine though, if not you should try this first, it works well and is cheaper.

Carbolin 19 and high-dose BCAA will probably do more for your age than the Alpha Male will.

wow thanks a lot for all the positive responses.

yes i take 5g of creapure creatine monohydrate after ever workout, and my diet is impeccable on all levels i can assure you.

i’ve read up on Carbolin 19 and was thinking of just using that solely by itself, but then saw that Alpha Male had that and a test booster, so figured why not. however, Carbolin 19 was my first choice to consider, because the claims of maintaining weight but substituting the fat for muscle sounded pretty darn appealing.

to the guy that said bcaa’s along with Carbolin19, i’ve got no problem buying the Carbolin 19, but to pay 28 bucks for 1 weeks worth of bcaas from Biotest, that to me is only for the very rich. any other bcaas out there comparable to Biotest that lasts a bit longer for the price?

How much would you charge me for this perfect diet program you speak of