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How's This Split?


Not sure how to judge if your a beginner or not. I've been weight training for a couple years, although not much strength to show for it in numbers. I've made it quite far in terms of my physique in the last year. My goal is to get to 180 but that won't be the end of it.

Age 24
171 lbs

First exercise of each muscle group I do 1-2 heavy work sets after I ramp up from the bar or nil weight with higher reps. I add more plates and do 12,10,8,6 and 4 reps until I'm ready for my heaviar work sets. Rep scheme is 10,8,8 for all secondary exercises.

Rep Speed: Fast as posssible Concentric, only controlling it down but not slowly oon negative.
Rest interval: just until I think I can hit the next set, maybe a bit longer on my final primary set.

Chest & Biceps:
Barbell Bench Flat 1-2 work sets (after couple sets of ramp)
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press
Floor DB Fly
Preacher Curl
Reverse EZ bar Curl
Incline Alternating DB Curl

Chest Supported T-Bar Row 1-2 work sets (after ramp)
Standing Dumbbell Row
Lat Pulldown

Delts & Triceps:
Seated OH BB Press 1-2 work sets after ramp
DB Shrug
DB Reverse Fly
DB Lateral Raise

Overhead Dumbbell Press
Supine DB Skull Crusher
Cable Rope Pushdown

Currently Rehabing a Back issue before I do legs, going to try something tomorrow to see if it works.


You have a chest day, Back day and shoulder day. No leg day? No deadlifts/squats?


Oh, sorry, I just read the part about the back issue. Ignore my previous post.


post your age and stats…is this what you have been doing for the past year? Personally, I like to do phases in terms of rep ranges…I change it about every two weeks, from low rep heavy sets, to moderate, to high rep, maybe add a tempo week then back down to low reps to keep it fresh…Only 2 working sets? What does that mean? you do easy sets of 12, 10, and 8 before you actually start ‘working’?


Updated OP. I was doing some other stuff before. I’m going for size and want to add some lbs so I’m doing this now. It blows that I can’t do legs quite yet. I’ll need a while off before i’m ‘clear’ although i’m not sure if it will be better then.


If the issue preventing you from working legs is your back, you could do stuff like leg presses, just to keep your legs working a little. Leg press doesn’t involve the back.