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How's this Split Look?

Alright, basic info is important. I normally do pure strength lifting, Olifting focus but my PL friend gets me to bench and pull once a week even then.

Right now I’m on a cut and switching to a more aggresive split with a lot of days that emphasizes upper body more.

I’m 6’0 and 200, looking to hit 190 and then get back on track gaining

That aside, here’s what I’m doing right now for the past 2 weeks, + a moderately low carb diet:

day a: upper back

weighted chin variation- low rep
1-arm rows - 4x12- 1 heavy low rep set + 1 set kroc rows finish
lat pulldown or cable row 4x10

later: biceps 2-3 exercises

day b: upper chest/tricep

incline db press- pyramid up and down w/3x3/low rep arrangement
incline bench 4x12
dips 3x15
tricep extension 3x12
tricep movement 4x10

day c: lower chest

board press 3x5
db presses partial 4x12
chest press/movement 4x12/drop set
db flies 3x15

later: biceps, 2-3 exercises

day d: shoulders

overhead press 3x5, 2x2 (push press)
db press (partial ) 4x12 w/drop set
lateral raise 4x12
bent over lateral 3x15

I don’t include warmups on the compound movements. I also say 4x10 or 4x12 or 4x15 a lot. What I mean is, I start with say 12 reps, and then increase weight and lower reps. Set 1 could be 11-12 reps, set 2 8-10, and the final set is usually anywhere from 5-10 reps depending on the movement and to failure, and if its the last exercise for the movement I usually go lighter and do a drop set to failure.

I’ve been training 5-6 times a week and have 3 rest days per 2 weeks on average. The upper workouts are short but very hard. Shoulders, incline, chest, and upper back get trained every 8 days or so. Sometimes I don’t know what bodypart I’m doing until I go to the gym and see what’s recovered.

How does this look? Is my general approach mixing the low rep strength sets with drop sets and more exercises to exhaust the muscles a good one?

oh and

As far as legs and lower back and abs and traps- I’m training those 3-4 times over a two week period. Those are the longest and hardest workouts. The above stuff is like 40-50 minutes.

I’m not interested in changing the leg stuff as my legs are disproportionately big and I’m making good technique and strength progress there.

Are you growing? yes? then it is a great idea. No? then this routine is no for you

I’ve put on a little mass in areas I previously neglected… for example, I got some stretch marks on my biceps from doing curls 2x a week, same for lats

but on the whole I’m cutting so no, not really growing

is there some type of plan that would be better for someone on a cut?

Normally I just do a ton of heavy stuff, but I simply can’t recover from that on lower kcal. But when the bodypart has 4-7 days to recovery, it’s a lot easier