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How's This Shoulder/Back Day?


Power Cleans 4-8
High Incline Press 8-12
Standing Side Raises 12-20
Pull-downs 8-12
One-arm Rows 12-20/Rack Pulls 6-8 (switch every week)

How is that?

CC answer if you could please :slight_smile: I haven't bugged you in a while


I know you want CCs opinion but I have a question.. Whats up with these numbers. Does the 1st number indicate the set and the 2nd the reps?..Or is that the rep range?


There is no chance you are stimulating your entire back with that routine. If you prefer low volume spend one day do movements for width and one day doing stuff for thickness. When do you train your rear delts and traps?

You've been here since 07 so it's safe to assume you've been lifting for at least that long. Have you been using this routine for a while? Have you seen results? If not, why did you choose that split and exercises?


The numbers is my rep range for my work set.

CC helped me set up this routine last november or so. It has evolved since then in a few areas but over all I have seen great gains (20-30 pounds). Rack pulling has made my traps grow like crazy and I do no direct work on them.


Hmmm. You got someone to teach you how to do those right? Otherwise, I'm not too keen on you using oly lifts just yet.

Try rack chins if you can, or was there some issue preventing you from doing them ('s been a while, I don't remember :slight_smile:

Were you doing 1 top set of rack pulls or the usual 6-8 + 9-12 or 6-8+5-7?

Better to post questions you have for me in my training thread so I won't miss them.

The power cleans don't really fit all that well imo... Unless you get your technique right and you feel that you get a lot out of them, I'd rather that you ditch them so that your other exercises won't be affected negatively.

How's it going anyway?


Kroc rows... I don't train them directly either but he has the option of doing a rear-delt exercise at the end of the workout.

Rack-pulls with that shrug to the back -kind of thing... Actual Shrugs don't fit in too well into that routine. After rack pulls the traps are toast, and doing them before hinders the rack pulls. Even after kroc rows, shrugs are a bit of a stretch, though he could do them if his traps were lagging (which they are apparently not).

No worries about that part.


Keep me posted man and good job on your progress.



I have been doing one top set of Rack Pulls.

I'll ditch the cleans and concentrate on my shoulder press, and continue doing rack pull-ups. I'm not sure if you noticed but I am doing Kroc Rows with a barbell. Like a one-arm T-row kinda. Works well if you ask me.

(Any questions after this I'll post in your thread)


Also, is it okay to rotate the Rack Pulls and Kroc Rows? I think we had discussed that before.



I can't do either justice when doing it in the same session as the other...