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How's This Sample Mealplan

  1. Cup of oatmeal, LOW FAT - LOW CARB cottage cheese.
  2. ( Post Workout Shake ) Methoxy w/ Creatine
  3. Penutbutter on whole graine bread
  4. Bowl of whole grain pasta w/ pound of Alaskin king crab
  5. Muscle milk w/ milk instead of water
  6. 1/4 cup of nuts
    7.Chicken Breast and salad
  7. Methoxy Pro Shake

1/2 apart

[quote]Dmpro45 wrote:
1/2 apart[/quote]

What’s this?

And where are your fruits and/or vegetables?

Pretty shitty.

Sorry but what are you trying to do with it? Gain? Cut? Recompose?

No veggies?

cottage cheese in the AM? Why not PM?

Crab? Where the red meat and salmon is at?