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How's This Routine?

I am looking for someone more knowledgable than myself to evaluate my routine. Please comment on the volume, frequency, the exercises and the parts of the muscle hit (hopefully all). It is a 4 day split rotated on 6 days.

I will probably stick with the finalized version of this routine for 8ish weeks then rest and make a new one. I yall could give me tips on strategies to change a routine when the time comes that would be nice to. I know rotating is good to keep adaptation from hindering gains.

I always use the same weight for each exercise all the way through. So when it says 8 to 12 reps that means I generally start near 12 and end near 8.

Day 1 - Chest and Biceps:

Flat BB Bench Press, 2x6-8
Incline BB Bench Press, 4x8-12
Decline BB Bench Press or Flat DB Press, 3x8-12
Cable Flies, 3x8-12

Flat BB Curls, 4x8-12
DB Curls, 3x8-12
Hammer Curls, 2x8-12
Reverse Curls, 2x8-12

Day 2 - Back and Calves:

Wide Grip Chins, 3xfailure
Deadlift, 4x8-12
BB Rows, 3x8-12
One-arm DB Rows, 3x8-12

Standing Calf Raises, 4x15-20

Day 3 - Rest

Day 4 - Triceps and Shoulders

Close-grip Bench Press, 4x8-12
Lying Triceps Extensions, 3x8-12
Triceps Press Downs, 3x8-12

BB Shoulder Press, 4x8-12
Upright Rows, 3x8-12
Front Raises, 2x8-12
Rear Raises, 3x8-12

Day 5 - Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Traps

Squats, 4x8-12
Leg Press, 2x8-12
Hamstring Curls, 3x8-12
Leg Extensions, 3x8-12

DB Shrugs, 4x15-20

Day 6 - Rest

Repeat at Day 1 (6 day rotation, not 1 week)


What are your stats?

The split is fine, the order of the days is not. If you want to start with chest and bis on day 1, then it should like this:

1 - Chest and Bis
2 - Legs
3 - Rest
4 - Back and calves
5 - Shoulders and Tris
6 and 7 - Rest

If you are set on a 6 day routine then flip day 4 and 5. You should not do back the day after you do your biceps. Also I would train your shoulders before your triceps (and IMO get rid of the upright row). Personally I combine squats and deads in the same workout (always squat first) but you can separate them, if you are set on separating them then flip days 1 and 2.

This routine is extremely similar to a workout that I wrote up, you can check it out here and it is already all laid out for you.

Thats good advise^ I wouldn’t work back the day after working biceps.

Here’s my schedule right now.

Mon chest tris reverse and hammer curls
Wed legs
Fri Back shoulders biceps some tris.

Abs on the off days.

my split is

1 chest tris shoulders
2 legs calves
3 back biceps