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How's This Routine?


If yall would please give me your opinion


Flat Bench Dumbbell press 4x12
Incline Dumbell press 4x8
Dumbbell flys 4x8
Dips 4x10
Calves 4x15
Abs 4x20


Lat Pulldowns 4x15
Straight arm puldowns standing 4x12
Seated pulley Rows 4x12
Single arm dumbell rows 4x8
Abs 4x20


Standing Dumbell press 4x10
Lat raises 4x10
Wide grip upright rows 4x10
Seated bent over Lat raises 4x10


Bicep BB curls 4x10
Precher cable curls 4x15
Standing DB curls 4x8
Tricep Cable pushdowns 4x12
Standing Cable Extensions 4x12
One arm kickbacks w/dumbell (bent over) 4x10
Standing barbell Extension 4x12
Abs 4x20


Calf Raises 4x20
Leg Curls 4x15
Leg Extension 4x12
Squats 4x12
Dead lifts 4x10
Abs 4x20


Looks good if you want tiny legs... Just do a pre-made program.


Ceph, there is a countryman of yours in need here. lol


I would just want to know what your ultimate goal is in this program? Boredom?

I'm okay with the four sets per exercise, but why don't you heavy up and cut your reps to 6-8?

Only one heavy exercise for legs?

Doing all those extensions over your head for triceps, I give your elbows 2 weeks.

Instead of all those pulldowns, how about some pullups? How about heavy bent rowing instead of single arms?

You have seven exercises for your arms, yet none for forearms? Don't you want your arms to grow?

I guess my opinion of your routine would be "sucks at best".



How about some cardio since your profile says you are 24% BF, save some time and energy and add in the abs exercises when you are about 15% working your way down..
Besides that, what are you trying to achieve with you 7 exercise arms day? Biceps and Triceps are small muscles compared to your back (just and example), and you only have 4 exercises for back. Your shoulders and legs day also need work, the only day that is some what decent would have to be your chest day.
I agree with Arms Afire, you should make your rep range in around 6-8, or maybe even 8-10... I agree with the 4 sets per exercise though..
Example for a back day

Deadlifts 4x4-6
Bent Over Rows 4x6-8
T-Bar 4x6-8
Lat Pull Down 4x8-10
Superset- Seated Cable Row (Pull to chest for upper back) 3x8-10
- Lat Rope Pulls 3x10-12

...Hope that helps


WOW that might be the worst program I've ever seen. No offense. No barbell work? Beginers should start with the basics. I'd go heavy on the squats, bench and pull. Theres no subsitute for the barbell. All dumbbell work should be at the end and then only to force blood into the muscles. Seriously barbell work would be the best way. Heres my two cents-

Flat bench 4 sets 8-12 reps
incline bench 3 sets 6-10 reps
flies 3 sets 8-12
flat db press 2 sets 8-10 reps
incline db press 2 sets 10-15 reps

wide grip chins 4x8-10
t-bar rows 3x10
wide grip pull downs 3x10
seated rows 3x10
reverse seated flies 3x10
shrugs 3x10

squats 4x10
leg presses 4x10
hack squats 3x10
front squats 3x10
leg presses 4x10
leg curls 4x10
calf raises 5x15

dead lifts 4x10
shoulder presses 4x10
good mornings 3x10
arnold presses 3x10
ox yokes 3x10
upright rows 3x10
lateral raises 3x10
half pulls 2x10

thats my routine two on one off. good luck with it.


Just wondering, why do you do leg presses twice on your legs day?


I just wanna lift. I do cardio 5x a week (I dont have a choice) and having a extreme program just wears me out so I thought this would be a good simple and some what effective routine.


Im not a beginner! Ive been lifting since I was 15 im just lacking knowledge and probably alot.


Holy Crap. What the hell is that.

to op: Search Rippetoe


This program makes just about as much sense.

...If not less.

Go over to the thread called "Professor X: A Request", or "Cephalic Carnage, How do you Train?" for some logical split ideas.


What's up, bro. Brutal lashing of your routine here. Ouch.

In my humble opinion, your routine looks very complicated, and is lacking in too few basic heavy compound lifts. Promise - you'll get bigger and stronger triceps by pushing 200 lb narrow grip bench press than by doing 15 lb dumbell kickbacks.

Also, if you're going heavy enough and using good form - holy crap would you be tired after one of your workouts. You'd have to go lighter to be able to make it through all those exercises. You're a strong guy, you can use that to your advantage by using heavier weights and selecting your exercises to get the most bang for your buck.

Here's one of my favorite Tnation workouts for it's simplicity and effectiveness.
TC's Push-Pull: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_pushpull_workout