How's This Routine/Diet?

I recently came off my bulk at 170 with about 13-15% bf and want to lean out for the summer and so I can continue my bulk without being to … bulky. My 1st goal is 10% then if I look to small/flat, I’ll start bulking from there if not I’ll go down to 8%. Since what I want to do is keep my bf constantly at 10% like the AD says.

I started Alessi’s Meltdown yesterday. Ill probaly go heavier, did 65% of 1RM without much problem, next time because I did the whole thing plus an extra ab exercise and 1 more set of compounds. This is what my routine looks like atm:
Mon:MD 2
Wed:MD 1
Fri:MD 2
Sat:MD 1

I am following the anabolic diet besides the fact that I do a depletion workout and only have a 12 hour carb phase because I have a tendency to binge eat, carbs just aren’t that filling any more, keep it clean unless I’m with gf then well usually bake something and thatll be it. Im taking in 1900-1800 cals per day except Fri when I carb up I shoot for 2400. (Strong Endomorph)

So the questions I have are:
Should I add cardio? If so what kind I really enjoy tabata/HIIT but I’ve had good results with any type of cardio.
Is it okay to do my 3 day split + Meltdown? Or should I make those my cardio days?
Does my diet look alright? Its mostly chicken, eggs, beef, cheese, jello. I do supp with EFA though and sometimes have olive/whey shakes.
How long would it take me to hit 10% just wondering about a time frame if I do everything 100% correct no cheat meals, No skipped days.

I would say…

If your fat loss is working and progressing after the first week, then let it be.
if you stall, start making modifications
if your losing too much muscle, than you need more protein and calories in your diet.

its hard to predict what you should do until we know what works//doesnt work.

The lifting portion of your program is the most important in keeping//gaining muscle… if that starts to suffer you need to make changes

Becareful about HIIT or Tabata while on a solid calorie restriction, they should be used in moderation. Cardio, should be low intensity like incline walking.

Carb ups and “cheat days” can be useful, especially with some of the research on leptin out there. Don’t completely neglect carbs, they are useful to your body and should be properly timed around your workouts. Something as simple as a piece fo fruit befoer and after your workout will do wonders for your productivity, though it may take you out of a state of ketosis(which isn’t a terrible thing), but may be worth it.

Your carb up days are only 2400kcals, taht is 500-600 more than your cutting days, where is your maintenance at?

Your have about 146 lbs of lean mass, so you should be at 10 percent at about 162lbs if everything was accurate. Depending on how tall you are you will probably need to start something like a “clean bulk” at that point. Try shooting for like 300kcals over maintenance when you clean bulk and don’t be afriad of carbs, just use them wisely and time them appropriately. You are a mesoendo like me, just small increases in calories with well timed carbs will preven most of the fat gain.

Good luck from one mesoendomorph to another.

Thanks guys that really helped out. Im only 17 5’9.5" My maintenance is between 2400-2600, so I gave my self some leeway on carb-ups. And Im switching back to a 24 hour totally clean/planned out carb up.I’m heading off to college in July so after this Im going to ease myself into the T-Dawg diet with carbs morning, pre/post WO along with my clean bulk.

I cut out the Tabata/HIIT from my schedule. The things I do at school/recreationally should take care of most of that (walking dogs, long bike rides, OMG so many stairs I frickin hate them!)
And I figure Meltdown already kicks my ass (already glycogen depleted only 3 days into the week, eck) enough to be in a state where any additional cardio will be catabolic. And I refined my Split to just a simple

With 3 Large compound movements and 1 iso for large groups and 2-3 isolations for accessories. Keeping workouts -45 mins. And to take full advantage of glycogen depleteion times I changed my routine to:

Fri-Chest/Tri (Carb up)

I figure with proper supplementation and hard work I’ll be shredded by late April.