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How's This Program?


Background info. I have been training on and off since 15. Was sick for last 4 years almost (long and dark story, not for this post i'm afraid). I am well enough to start back into training but of course I am essentially a beginner again. I've read everything I can get ahold off on this forum and coupled with my own knowledge too here is what I came up with.

3 days a week (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Squats 2x12
Bent-over Barbell rows 2x12
Standing Military Press 2x12
Flat Barbell Benchpress 2x12
Chin-ups 2x12 adding weight if needed
Upright Dips (focusing on triceps) 2x12
Crunches & Reverse Crunches 2x25 adding reps as needed

I was considering deadlifts for back instead of bent-over rows, but with squats on the same day I have found this in the past to be too much for me (read as dizzy and puking).

I am thinking I will do this for 6-8weeks, maybe more if I deem necessary then will look at moving into the CW Total Body Training routine.

Opinions and advice would be appreciated, particularly regarding exercise order. What do you all think?


Anyone? Hello? Shouts into the void

Even if it's just to say I got it right and the program is fine, I could really use the assurance being that I have not trained for so long. I would hate to mess it all up and waste my time.


Wait...what? Youre doing the same routine day after day????


I clearly state 3 days a week.


He means doing the same workout, you should change up the exercises or at least loads after every workout in a given week so your body doesnt become too bored with it. So say Mondays you do 2x12, Wednesday 5x5, Friday 3x8. Just get back in the swing of things and then maybe check out some of the routines here for a structured plan.


Where's the leg work? 2 sets of squats and that's it? If deadlifting the same day as squatting is too much for you, then divide your workout into two days.

Day 1
Bent-over barbell rows
Bench press

Day 2
Military press

An additional benefit of breaking your routine into two days is that you can add more sets to each exercise.

And do something about that rep range.. 12 reps? 6-8 at most. 3-6 even better.


The rep range is just a starter really. I of course plan to go lower and heavier over time. Switch to CW TBT after a short while probably. Thanks for the split suggestion.


I will definately be adding weight as I can. Well ahead of you with regard to other programs on this website. I am almost certain I will move into CW TBT once I have done a few weeks getting back into the groove of training. Thanks :slightly_smiling:


Wouldn't your muscles get more used to the movement, and build up a higher muscle-mind connection with a higher rep range? I always thought it was good for someone whos not used to lifting to perform 12 reps for like a month then decrease...


That was also my understanding AntiDeath. I of course plan to go heavier after working myself back into training but a month or two at the higher lighter weights to help get used to training again and strengthen the tendons a little to get ready for going heavier lower reps is good practice imo.

Maybe I am wrong though, some of the guys here seem to say go low reps right away even though I have not trained for over 4 years. Of course it seems people are forgetting I am completely fresh again to lifting, remember 4 years off so my sporadic training since 15 doesnt mean anything after such a long break. Unless I am sorely mistaken going into rep ranges of 3-6, as one reply suggested, for a total beginner is ludicrous.

If I am wrong correct me please, but just remember I am fresh meat and have no muscle base at all.


Generally it is good for a beginner to start in the higher rep ranges ( 8-12). This gives you a chance to handle lighter loads and get your form upto par. Check out Chad Waterburys Big Boy Basics. Thats a very basic beginners plan. Remember push yourself in the gym but don't add more weight than you can handle and don't do it at the expense of proper form.


Will definately check out that program. I agree about keeping form strict and correct before adding weight. Thanks K-Narf