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How's This Program Look?


I've put together this program for football, put i would also like to get into olympic lifter/powerlifting soon,

Snatch: 6x2
Clean&Jerk: 8x1
Bench Press: work up to 3 rm
Squat: 8x2-Speed
Lat work: 4-6x8-10 reps

Clean&Jerks: 8x1
Dead lifts: heavy 1(not rep max)
Front squats: 5x5
Overhead press: 5x3

Squats: 3RM
Clean&jerk: 8x1
Snatch: 6x2
bench: 5x3-speed
Lats: 4-6x10 reps

at the end of every workout i'll do ab work and some glute ham raises, maybe some arms if i have enough time.

age: 15
height: 5'8
weight: 185
Position: fullback, linebacker

Clean&Jerk: 200
Snatch: 155
Squat: 325
dead: 335
bench: 235

Goals: by august
C&J: 275
Snatch: 205
Squat: 405
Dead: 435
bench: 275

C&J: getting the weight overhead
Snatch: the overhead squat
Squat: stablity
Dead: off the floor
Bench: off my chest

do you think this program whould increase my lifts im plaining on switching up the sets/reps and order of the exercises every few weeks. I figure since football needs both strength, and explosivness combining olympic lifting and powerlifting would do that.

I'll probaly be doing some sprints on the weekends also.

Thanks for the help.




Well, you've got yourself a pretty good olympic lifting program there, but it's not optimal for football. If you were more interested in football than O lifting, I would drop the cleans and jerks entirely and would focus more on snatches. Also, I would only lift 1-2 times per week and have another day for running and plyo drills.

If O lifting is your prime interest, everything is fine how it is, though the heavy squats and deadlifts might be a bit too taxing to put so close together.

Remember, training doesn't make you stronger, recovering does.

My 2 Cents,


Programme looks ok to me in most respects, although a couple of changes are needed.

Firstly, instead of doing c&j on all three sessions if getting the weight overhead is the problem why not have one session doing c&j, another doing cleans and then jerks from the rack and the third doing power cleans and power jerks. It will give your body a bit more variety and (hopefully) reduce CNS overload.

Also, on your Friday session I put your squats at the end of your session "Speed before Strength" is a very good rule of thumb to follow.

Apart from that you've got a good selection of exercises. I don't know if you'll reach your goals (75lbs on c&j in 4 months?!) but I'm reckon this programme will give you a good start.



For being 15 you seem to have a really good grasp of weightlifting concepts and a nice program there, you're strong as hell too.

Just remember for strength gains to be working at 90% or above of your 1RM, and to take an unloading week every 4 weeks or so to allow the joints to strengthen as well as the CNS and body overall, I would recomment performing every 4th week at 75% on all exercises and you should do really good for yourself


Thanks for all the advice, i'll probaly be moving the wendesday and monday workout around so that way i'll be deadliftin monday, benching wedensday, and squating friday. I like the idea of doing clean&jerk one day, then cleans and split jerk another and powercleans and jerk another day.
again thanks for the help