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How's This Power Rack


1150mm wide x 1170mm deep x 2100mm high. (Rated to 700lbs)

Seems a good deal to me. I guess the pin holes don’t go down far enough but that’s not a main issue for me.

The rack seems pretty decent, and the price is good. If you plan on doing any powerlifting or heavy squats or similar in the rack (400+ lbs) I would go with something else. The rack is not welded and the steel is of a smaller guage that would be ideal for heavy weights. The pins are not solid steel, which is why the weight limit is 700 pounds. The problem is that if you ditch the bar and it has 400+ lbs on it, by the time it hits the pins it will impact with a force of over 700 pounds, bending the pins. If you don’t plan on doing anything crazy it will work great. Just know that it isn’t meant for super heavy lifting. But then again the price is pretty nice.


I think it’s pretty.


[quote]Jillybop wrote:
I think it’s pretty.


Thanks for the laugh.

it’s 2x2 steel tubing so it’s really light. You probably want to bolt it down so it doesn’t tip if your squating over 65# I made a platform to bolt mine to.