How's This GPP Look?

i’m a newbie in the T-Nation comunity. this my second topic (the 1st one was only for present myself).

next september it’s going to start the new year cycle. this time i want to program more seriously the various steps, so i’ll commence with a General Preparation Phase (Period).

the purpose is to gain a little bit of muscle mass, lose some bf, and foremost, to prepare the joint and muscle for the next phase that will be more hard.

the week will be like this.

day 1
circuit trainig

day 2
normal “horizontal” training

day 3
aerobics + core

and again

this is an example of day 1 wo. it’s not a classical circuit trainig, it’s simply a vertical way to do the workout.
all the exercises are done with a medium/slow tempo (something like 3-4.1.2-3.1.), all the exercise are done unilaterally.

a1)bulgarian split squat 4x5-6, rest between the 2 legs 30-45"
a2)1 db bench press
a3)1 legged RDL
a4)1 db row
a5)cable woodchop
a6)external rotation 4 the cuff

3-4 minutes rest and repeat the circuit 3 to 4 times.

an example of day 2 wo will be:

a1)1/2 squat 4x1 min, rest 2min
b1)leg extension 4x10 concentric 2 legs eccentric 1 leg, rest 60-90"
c1)lat pulldown 4x1 min, rest 2 min
d1)reverse lat raise 4x5-6,, rest 60-90"
e1)hyperextension/GM 4x1min, rest 2 min
f1)l.curl like l.extension
g1)military press 4x1min, rest 2 min
h1)db flys 3x5-6 rest 60-90"

exercises a-c-e-g are done isometrically, holding the position around the stiking point. the complementar are done in a slow tempo, stressing the eccentric portion of the movement.

the day i’ll do aerobics, i’ll do tempo runs
2-3 set of 10 minutes of runs on 150mt, coming back to the start walking slowly.
5 minutes rest doing all the kind of medball throws.

static microstretching at the end of the workout

what do you think about it?

p.s. sorry for my poor english