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How's This Full Body Workout for Hypertrophy?

Ahh, I always forget it’s a 6 day program, I do conditioning on off days anyway so always just viewed it as a 3 day program haha.

Just run through Waterbury templates…

I’m half way through this 3x/week program for hypertrophy. So far, so good.

the common i have noticed that everyone laying programs that puts one major movement for each body part for example

and accessory exercises for arms or calves and abs

what i dont like or makes me cant do the 5-3-1 is that the percentage that its used in the program and the weights available to me at the gym as i have 2.5 KG plates and it goes up to 5-10-15-20 KG so getting the correct percentage would be very hard to do it correctly thats why i am asking for something simpler with an easier progression method to be able to do it and get good results on the long run if my example stands correct i can set the workouts around that with variaty of rep ranges like 1st day 5x5 2nd day 4x8 and 3rd day 3x12 and focusing on more compound movements and less isolation getting more quality than quantity

Sorry to sound harsh but this may be the silliest thing I have read possibly ever!!!
You simply use the % and either round up to the nearest 5kg or down. It doesn’t make any difference. The other simple solution is to buy your own set of 1.25kg plates and keep them in your gym bag.
Anyway seeing as you don’t like 531 and according to you Strength programs don’t build any muscle. I would suggest do the program you wrote and just train hard and eat well. If you progress great, keep doing it. If you don’t then try something else.
This stuff isn’t rocket science just work hard and adjust along the way.

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This thread is every bit as good as I hoped. I haven’t seen stupid this intense in ages.


How do I get my hands on 1.3825kg, 0.9095kg and 1.7735kg plates?

My calculator worked out sets at 102.765kg, 111.891kg, 123.547kg

I get 1.5kg and drill holes in them and reweigh them. I just add holes till I hit the number !!!


I sprinkle some pre workout on the bar to add a few oz that’s lacking

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I’ve known folks that have used ankle weights in the absence of smaller plates. There are so many solutions out there.

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We don’t get stupid like we used to on these boards. Back when I was a whippersnapper…


This was the first program I ever followed in the gym, right after I got into the gym. Absolutely fantastic for building strength and aesthetics!!

You can use links of chain w/ a binder, and slid them on the bar.