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How's This Full Body Workout for Hypertrophy?

I like to workout in a full body manner 3 days per week as i work from 9 to 5 and that is the best i can keep up with, i have created 3 routines as i will state below and need to know if its good or should i edit something

Day 1 strength:
3 sets X 5 reps squats
3 X 5 Bench Press
3 X 5 Deadlift
3 X 8 lateral raises
3 X 8 EZ-Bar curls
3 X 8 one hand behind head tricep ext

Day 2 Hybird:
3 sets X 8 reps Incline smith bench press
3 X 6 pull ups
3 X 8 shoulder press with dumbbells
3 X 8 one arm rows
3 X 10 Tricep push-downs
3 X 10 concentration curls
4 X 8 Leg Press

Day 3 Hypertrophy:
2 sets X 12 reps lat-pulldowns
2 X 10 DB bench press
2 X 12 Machine rows
2 X 10 Incline DB bench press
2 X 12 rear-delt rows on machine
2 X 12 Pec Deck
2 X 12 Lateral raises
2 X 12 Rear delt flyes
2 X 10 alternate curls
2 X 10 skull crushers
2 X 12 hammer curls with cables
2 X 12 triceps rope
2 X 12 leg ext
2 X 12 lying leg curls

i would do some calves and core with all of the days but sometimes skip it when there is no time i am aiming for hypertrophy and looking good in clothes and without them not competing or aiming to compete or get any scores just getting better health and body, would this be enough or overkill as i have some training experience under my belt and my stats:
Weight : 87 KG
Height: 185 CM

Honestly pick a programme written by a pro.

I’ve always thought this looked fun. Just do it 3 days a week / every other day.
Add weight as often as possible, eat right and grow.

You dont need to hit body parts 3 times a week to achieve your goals. What are your reasons for wanting to hit body parts 3 times a week? Or is it just enjoyment?

If you want to do what you have written then that’s cool, but a push pull legs or push pull works great over 3 days.

my goal is too look good in clothes and without them aiming for hypertrophy and i train 3x per week cause of my work and life schedule i dont have more time plus i like full body workouts always fun to do but i wanna know how to grow slow but steadily on a full body plan and if the plan u structured good enough

Dont look at only having 3 sessions as a negative or a restriction, 95% of my training has been 3 sessions a week.

I will admit I’m not a fan of what you have written above. Sessions 1 and 2 are not great for hypertrophy in my opinion and session 3 is just a load of random exercises, it’s like you have gone for quantity over quality.

But like I said if that’s what you want to do, will enjoy and will stick to then go for it. Just make sure you are putting in quality work and monitoring progression and you will see improvements.

I see no progression scheme or loading parameters. That might be ok for the hypertrophy sections, but you will need some idea of these for strength. It doesn’t need to be something designed by NASA.

You seem to be trying to cram a load of work into every session. Especially the hypertrophy session. In my experience, the more you do, the less effort you can put into each movement which is totally counter productive.

as a rule of overload whenever i hit the desired reps for any workout i move the weight higher and so on for all of the days and any workout thats how i progress but i might have it badly designed thats why i am asking for directions or if there is a good workout full body aimed to hypertrophy you can direct me too would be great, as my approach to the 3rd day is less sets more angles to try to tighten whatever gap i have and get a symmetric body

That’s fine, as long as you have a plan. As I say, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

There are a million and one full body programs designed for exactly what you’re looking for. Plenty of people will direct you to 5/3/1, and that will work. My personal preference would probably be The T-nation article of mass made simple by Dan John, with 5/3/1 working sets where he says to do them. That is probably because I’m eying it up myself though.

Disclaimer: I have never done this specific version of the program, however I have used 531 plenty, and the original ebook version of mass made simple

isn’t there a bodybuilding program cause i dont like the strength ones they kinda confuse me and as i said i am trying to look good and get bigger in terms of hypertrophy and those programs don’t seem to help in that manner unless you eat shit load of food and get fat in the process

I’m confused as to why you think getting bigger and stronger don’t go hand in hand?

cause i tried 5-3-1 and didn’t like it cause it was a bit confusing to me and tried starting strength which i built day 1 upon but it was hell to go through cause i always workout after finishing my work plus i have known that anything below 6 reps won’t give enough to stimulate muscle to grow but will result in getting more strength which isn’t my main goal

You could follow the original mass made simple ebook, it would cut the 531 element out.

I mean, honestly, any “get big and strong” program by a proven expert will work If You make it, so just pick one you like.

There is nothing confusing about 5/3/1, and any question/answer can be found here.
I suggest you edit the whole thing.

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Also if you cannot get thru starting strength you might want to simplify because you are obviously new to lifting and should be more open to advice rather than defending your program.

no no not at all i am actually not defending it but i tried SS and tried 5-3-1 and they are more directed to those who get the numbers up on the bar and see more strength than size and good looks what i am looking for is a program mixed with a bit of strength ofc but much more hypertrophy focused even if it means changing my routine 100% but need something in 3 days per week range as i cant do more than this

That seems to be the norm any more.

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This is a silly thing.


But! What about all the internet experts?!


Just do an A/B type workout.

Workout A
Squat - 5x8-10
Bench Press - 5x8-10
Rows - 5x10-12
Dips, Curls, Face Pulls - 50 to 100 reps

Workout B
Deadlift - 5x3-5
OH Press - 5x8-10
Chin-Ups - 5x10-12
Lunges, Abs, Back Ext - 50 to 100 reps

Week 1 - ABA
Week 2 - BAB
Week 3 - ABA…you get the picture.

You shouldn’t have energy to do more than that for full body. If you do, you are NOT working hard enough on the first 3 exercises believe me.

On a side note I train primarily in the 3-8 rep range and it hasn’t slowed me down at all. You’ll need to eat a lot to get strong and to get bigger no matter what reps you do.

Look up 5/3/1 Building The Monolith. If you follow that program EXACTLY (it’s 3 days a week) and eat big, you will put on plenty of size and strength!


Worth noting that it is 3 days of lifting but 6 days of training.

But still a fantastic program.