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How's This Full Body Split?

DAY 1:

Incline bench presses
wide grip chins
overhead presses
front squats

DAY 2:
flat bench presses
bent over rows
hammer curls
reverse flyes
zercher deadlifts

I don't know what a good rep scheme would be for this though. I am training for strength and size. I can only do this on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and of course it alternates each day from day1 to day2. Thanks for the help.


Four upper body exercises and one lower body exercise. IMBALANCED.

Four upper body exercises one lower body exercise. IMBALANCED.

Try one of the programs on the site. Some of the better full-body workouts include the Strength Focused Mesocycle (by CW), Total Body Training (by CW) and Renaissance Body Development (by CT). There are also some others.

I posted some of the workouts I used to gain size and strength in the Photo Forum from last August. They were based on CW's workouts, and they were much more balanced than what you have, and I used varied rep ranges each workout. You should go check it out. I think it was posted under "Nate Dogg In Training" in the photo forum.


If you just want to use two days, I would suggest an upper/lower split.

Something like:

1.Bench Press 3x3
2.BB Row 3x3
A1. BB Incline 4x6
A2. T-Bar Rows 4x6

1.Squat 3x3
2.GM 3x3
A1. BB Step ups 4x6
A2. Weighted GHR 4x6

Just a simple sample. Rep ranges are up you, depending on your goals.