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Hows This Full Body Plan Look?


gonna try going back to a fullbody program for a while because i am getting bored with my 1x per week traditional body part split .. and also because i want to incoporate more cardio during the week since i will be cutting ... i am 5'9 195lbs. looking to get to 180/185 lbs.
diet is in check just wondering what you guys thought of the program?

Day 1
Legs - Squats 5x6
Chest - Flat BB press 5x6
Back - Pendlay Rows 5x6
Shoulders - Lateral Raises 3x12
Biceps - BB / DB Curl 3x8
Triceps - Cable Pushdowns 3x12

Day 2 off swimming or cardio

Day 3 -
Back - Deadlifts 5x5 (ramped)
Chest - DB Pullovers 3x12
Shoulders - Military Press 5x6
Legs - Leg extensions superset with leg curls 3x12
Biceps - Hammer Curls 3x12
Triceps - Skull Crushers 3x10

Day 4 - off cardio

Day 5 -
Legs - Squats 3x8
Chest - Incline DB Press 3x10
Back - DB Rows 3x8
Shoulders - Seated DB Press 3x8-10
Biceps - Incline Curls 3x10
Triceps - Weighted Dips 3x10

Day 6 - off cardio

Day 7 - rest


Why aren’t you doing a push-pull-legs split, again?

As for this, I would have workout A and workout B, and just alternate them.


Seems fine to me. Just remember about intensity to make your body keep the muscle.