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How's This for Pushing Strength?


i know elitefts sell the prowler http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=114&pid=2294 good for pushing strength...but it costs a ton so...
for an alternative, how about using 2 cable machines and pushing forward with whole body in an Expositive fashion?? any good? any more good ways to increase pushing strength/power??



You could just push a car.


yeah i could but... where i live theres not the space. plus i'll look like a right d**k.....and my friends be like ..er..totally weirdo!!


That's mostly why I do it


no they'd be like "zomg steroz! NO DICK"


yeah but if really did it, i'll be spending more time on T-Nation and indoors in general lol


The cable idea is worse. I am sure there are empty parking lots around where you live.


Ditto on the vehicle pushing. We push my F150 quite a bit. I think there are even some places that sell a trailor hitch attatchment with prowler-like handles.


I love pushing my car, and if your friends make fun of you...

Push the car over them.


What?! Do you live on a cliff?

Seriously? You won't push a car because your friends will think your weird? What are you, eight years old?

Will your friends think you're weird if you use capital letters, too?


He's makeing the transition gameboys don't have capitals ethier.


You could sprint on a track. No good for the arms of course, but it's sure to make you more explosive.


My roommate works for a physical therapist and at the office is one of these cable machines that has arms that each rotate 180 degrees so you can pull from any angle. We used to take each cable and hook a ten foot chain onto it, then hook the other end of the chain to a big leather weight belt. Then we'd walk forward until the plates were off the stack, and we'd squat down and do broad jumps like this! It was fucking killer. We'd also run short sprints going forward, backward and sideways (it's a huge office), but the broad jumps attached to a 200lb. stack of weights was pretty fun.


I utterly hate and despise you for being English and using such atrocious language.


Push a car, or make a sled with a tire and use two straps instead of a harness.


what you describe doesnot sound remotely similar or effective like a sled push or car push, you just cannot generate the leg and back drive in a cable machine, besides no cable macine is gonna give you enough weight to be a challenge.
remember that sled/car push is a whole body workout, but the cable machines are built for isolation work.


Question, does anyone have pictures about the tire alternative?

I've heard of this on other topics regarding sled alternatives, and the tire comes up most commonly, but i dont really have an idea how to make one. I figure using wood or similar to flatten the bottom, but when how does one add weight?

Thanks ^




Well ive been using a regular car tire, so it only weighs like 20lbs. In this case for me I needed to add about 90-120lbs to do pulls/pushes. Ive heard you can get truck tires (like semis use) and they might be like 100-150lbs on their own.

As for how to make it, its super simple and takes like 10-15 minutes. Drill a hole on each side of the tire on the tread (make sure it is directly opposite from the other hole, this way when you pull one way, you can just flip the rope and pull the other way and dont have to turn the tire) Get two eye bolts and four washers, and attach each one with a nut. You'll have make some fort of rope with handles and some clips, but if you are at all handy you should be able to figure it out. Originally mine had some colored rope from the hardware store (the stuff that is a little thicker than an pencil) and I made my handles out of nylon strapping. But recently I made handles out of thick PVC pipe to make things a bit harder.

Hope this helps.


push a fat lady in a wheelchair up a street

oh wait you don't live in the states