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How's This for My First Meal?


How's this for my first meal of the day as well as the meal before my workout?

1/2 c of oatmeal w/ handful of blueberries
8 oz of 2% milk with 1 scoop of strawberry Low-Carb Grow!
1 c of green tea
3 fish oil capsules
2 capsules of Spike

Is the milk/ Grow! combo a good choice? I can't stomach Surge before my workout so I have to drink it after.


Looks fine.

But why can't you stomach Surge before you workout, but you can later? That makes no sense.


sometimes my post work out meal makes me a little sick if i take it immideatly after. but before im fine, as long as im not squatting with a full stomach


The sense is right there. After my workout is just that... after my workout. Being all bloated and what not after my workout isn't as much of a problem because I'm not working out.