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How's This For Massive Eating?

Hey guys,

I used John Berardi’s article “Massive Eating” to get these numbers. Basically I am aiming to pack on as much muscle as possible with the least amount of fat gains possible.

I am looking to eat a ton and follow either a modified West Side For Skinny Bastards or one of Chad Waterbury’s strength and size building programs. I plan on keeping a log on here once I start. So here are the numbers, tell me what you guys think.

74.5 kg
15% body fat

RMR = 500 + 22 X 63.325 = 1893 calories

RMR x Activity Factor (1.6) = 3028 calories

Exercise Expenditure for weights = 6 METS X 74.5kg x 1 hour = 447 calories

Exercise Expenditure for cycling = 4 METS X 74.5 kg x .5 hours = 149 calories

Exercise Expenditure = 596 calories

Thermic Effect of Food = RMR X .15 (for high protein diet) = 283 calories

RMR X Activity + Exercise + TEF = 3028 + 596 + 283 = 3907 calories

According to John Berardi, I would need to eat 3907 calories a day. That would be maintenance for the days that I lift and bike, and then for the three days that I do nothing I would be in about a 600 calorie surplus, for 1800 extra calories a week.

In his article it worked out better for him cause his workouts expended about 1000 calories, so his surplus was 3000 calories a week. Maybe I should bike for more than a half hour or something and eat more calories, not really sure what I should do.

Also, I kind of feel like 3900 calories might be a bit too much or something. I was talking to someone who is in the 200 pounds range and they said they don’t eat 4000 calories a day. Does anyone think that I could get any benefit from eating maybe like 3500 calories and see how I am feeling after a few weeks of that?

Again, I want to put on muscle as fast as possible and keep fat gains as low as possible.

Also, when I start my log - what section do I start it in?

Really need some guidance, critiques and advice. I want to use all the free time I have this summer to just blow up and then go into overdrive during the winter so next summer I can just dominate everyone.

Inm the end its an estimate and you have to see what works for you total intake wise Sure start here and then adjust so you are gaining a few lbs a week.

I dont feel 3000-4000 is out of line try it. Might Look at his Massive Eating Reloaded just much better approach at making it fit you


heres an 8000 calorie diet!

well it says in there,
a 220 pound man (100 Kg) should be on a 4000 calorie diet…

SO who knows… ?

But I am on about 2800 calories, and am 83 Kg and Building up Muslce, Big time!

and at same time loosing alot of Bf ! :smiley:

The best thing I ever did was up my intake to 4500 calories. I’m 6’3" and when I started I was at 225. I’m now at 245 and still growing at a rapid pace! Diet is key!

I personally don’t think that 3,907 calories is too high. I’m consuming approximately 5,000 calories a day and am under 200 lbs (working on it though).

Everyone has a different natural metabolic rate. Mine is naturally lightning fast, while I know other people who would get morbidly obese trying to keep up with my eating schedule.

In the end, as Phil stated, it is an estimate and you need to experiment to see what works well for you. Do you have a hard time putting on weight? If so, you probably need that many calories (if not more). If you put on weight easily then you may need less.

Good training,