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How's this for a newbie?

I’m deciding on my first cycle and I’ve come up with this and would appreciate some feedback from you guys. I’m looking for a gain of about 5-10 pounds (which I think is achievable if my diet and training are on course) and an increase in strength. I want to minimise side effects and not lose my gained mass after the end of the cycle - don’t we all!!!

I’m thinking of doing a 2-on, 4-off cycle stacking Primo with Anabol and 4-AD(Androsol) because the methenolone in the Primo binds well to androgen receptors, whereas the other two do not(correct?). This should create a synergistic effect and give greater gains.

I’ll do 800mg Primo on day 1, then 200mg every third day (last shot on day 13), 20mg Anabol every day for 14 days and 2x70 sprays of Androsol every day for 14 days.

I’ll take Clomid from day 1 to the end of the fourth week to prevent aromatisation of the Anabol, and Tribex-500 from day 15 to the end of week 5 to bring back up my natural test levels.

I’ll also take some milk thistle for my liver from 2 weeks before I start the cycle up to the end of week 4, as well as the usual stuff I take all the time e.g. Omega 3 fish oil,ZMA, echinacea, flax oil etc.

Am I doing everything right to minimise side effects and maintain the gains I make during the cycle, or am I missing something?

I reckoned that with such a mild (short) cycle I could do another one after the 4 week off period without compromising my health.

I’m grateful for any feedback.