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How's This For a 1st Cycle


Hey guys/gals I've been working out for 9 years now - and got up to 165lbs (from 130) - just want to know your opinion on doing this for a "FIRST" cycle.

Test E / 500mg (250 twice a week)

and for a PCT NOLVADEX

just want to hear your thoughts


Do your research bro.. and if you did you would know that you cannot recover properly form nolva alone. You need to give us more to work with.

Not trying to come off cold, but read up bro. Here is another site that has excellent discussions on AAS..


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Personally I would not suggest a test only cycle. I know some would disagree with this but I would add in 400mgs/week of EQ (you'll be glad you did).

Definitely do some research. Hook yourself up with a book "Chemical Muscle Enhancement". It has tons of helpful information.



I've had no problem recovering from all my cycles with nolva alone 40mg for two weeks followed by 20mg for 2 weeks.