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How's This Diet Look? Need More Food?


Ok so am out of work so I dont do that much so am a bit unsure on what I should be eating
This is what I have started eating the last 2 weeks.

breakfast- I like this to be light because I workout an hour later

half cup of oats 1 cup of milk , strawberrys one sccop of protein 24g ,hand full of almonds

post workout
protien drink 24g

3 eggs or tin of tuna
3 brown bread or big jacket potato
2 fruit bannan and orange

3 hours later

chicken sometimes beef
green beans

3 hours later

tin of tuna

befor bed protein drink

I do add more fruit into it just havent added it on the list

Am going to start doing ws4sb for 12 weeks and want to put about 5lbs of muscle on with min fat gains.
So should I add anything into it ?


For got to ad am 5'8 and am about 168lb pic of me here think am about 20% bf unsure tho http://tnation.tmuscle.com/hub/drgonzo#myForums/thread/3789911/


Do the math and add up the calories and protein in all that.

And more importantly, what are your goals? You trying to gain or lose or what?


I said on the first post I want to put 5lbs of muscle on wiht min fat gain.
The thing is tho I dont work so am not doing much all day so am thinking I mite need less food than most people.

By the way that diet is all I eat no sweets crisp junk food sugar or salt


Its easier for everyone if you break down the actual nutritional value of all of the foods that you eat. No one really has the time to go through and see how many calories, fat, protein.... is in what you're eating.

To first figure out how many calories you need to maintain your weight take your Weight x Your bodyfat % in decimal form. Then take that number and subtract (Your weight) - (That number). That new number is your lbm (Lean Body Mass). Multiply that my 15 and that is your maintenance calories.

Take that number and divide by 6. That will be the amount of calories per meal. If you want to lose fat and gain lean muscle add in more calories and do more cardio. Some people may argue that you cannot lose fat and build muscle, but I beg to differ.

You need more calories to build muscle so you need to eat more, but at the same time do more cardio to burn off fat stores. Id recommend doing fasted cardio in the morning at low intensity and cardio post workout. You can also add in some High Intensity Interval Training that will spare muscle and strip fat since the sessions are shorter. Whatever works for you. Its all trial and error.


Could you tell me my bf% I think am around 20%
Also shouldnt I eat a bit less with the formula you have givin me because am not doing anything all day ?


meal 1
oats 334kcal Protein 16g carbs 45g 10g fat

protien drink Calories: 120 Protein: 24g Carbohydrates: 3g Fat: 1g

strawberrys ??

totals cals 454 protein 40 carbs 48 fat 11g

meal 2 postworkout

protien drink Calories: 120 Protein: 24g Carbohydrates: 3g Fat: 1g

3x eggs approx calories234 protein:19.5 g fat 17.4

3 xpeices whole meal bread cals 279 carbs 48g protein 12g fat 3g

banana cals 200 carbs 51g protein 2g fat 1 gram

2x satsumas cal 94cal protein 1.7 carbs 24.4

cals 927 protein 57.5g carbs 126.4g fat 22.4g

meal 3

approx 157 grams chickin / cals 222 protein 41grams fat 3.3

spaghettie cals 200 protein 8g carbs 50 fat .5

broccoli 24cal protein 2.6 carbs 1.8 fat 0.9

green beans 87cal protein 1.4g carbs 3.5 fat 0.1

total cal 533 protien 52.9g carbs 55g fat 4.8

meal 4
tin of tuna cal 140 protein 34.1 fat 0.1
one peice of fruit

meal 5

protien drink Calories: 120 Protein: 24g Carbohydrates: 3g Fat: 1g

cals 2174
protein 208.5 g
carbs 232.4
fat 41.3


I got my cals to 2004 (I used 20% as my bf)


Alright that's a start but your meals are totally off. You have one meal that is over 900 calories and one meal that is only 120 calories. All of your meals should be about the same size. Also what I would do is have protein and carbs for your first 3 meals. Usually that works out to your first 2 meals of the day and then your post workout meal.

Then switch up to protein and fat meals for the next 3. Protein should be about 1g-1.5g per pound as well. Also what type of training are you doing. How many days a week are you lifting and doing cardio also what type of a lifting schedule are you following and what type of cardio are you doing.


Am going to be doing ws4sb 3 days weight lifting and 2 days cardio with maybe 1 or 2 mini session of burpees skipping ect for about 10 mins thru the week.

Ive read tho you need allot of food after your workout.btw I didnt no I was even having that many cals.(i just spent about an hour adding everything up)

Oh and I workout about an hour after breakfast.

Do you think I should take out a piece of bread and the protien drink out of meal 2 and put the peice of bread with meal 4 and the drink with meal 5 ?

Or should I cut the carbs down to around 150g and add about 2 pints of milk a day into the mix.

btw am not too "fat" to bulk am I ? Am thinking if I start loseing more weight I will look too skinny.


This. I have been following this eating protocol for a while since I have been cutting for my bodybuilding show and it has worked great.

Also, try to get a majority of your calories earlier in the day and eventually taper down so you are not eating a lot later in the evening. I have found this to be the best method.


ok so what about this

wake up 10 am

protien drink
hand full of nuts

hour later workout

12 pm

protien drink
2 satsumas


3 peices whole meal bread or spaghettie
3 eggs
green beans

chickin or beef
2 veg or fruit

tin of tuna

protien drink