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How's This Cutting Diet?

I’m trying a cutting phase with the following:


1 HOT-ROX Extreme, wait 1/2 hour - 45 min
1 scoop each pro complex, casein protein
1/2 c fresh ground flax
1 c pumpkin
green tea
1 optimen multi
2 Flameout


1 each pro complex, casein
1/2 c flax
green tea
1 Flameout


1 HOT-ROX Extreme
casein or nuts or Metabolic Drive bar, etc

Dinner/post workout

1 cup pom juice
green tea
pro complex
1 Flameout
1 c pumpkin



plus 2 1/2 hour walks per day. On the weekends and randomly I’m substituting a chicken breast or burger only here and there and I"ll also toss in lots of mixed berries here and there.

I’ll probably do this for a month and then re-evaluate.

What do ya think?

Are you afraid of whole-food protein?

Where is your food in this diet

[quote]PublickStews wrote:
Are you afraid of whole-food protein?[/quote]

Heh, no, I’m just trying to really control calories for a month or so to see what I can do with my body fat percentage.

probably 3 days a week I’ll have chicken breasts, etc. for dinner.

Isn’t that Nicole Richie’s diet?

My dog eats more than that.

What are you trying to cut down to- 80lbs?