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How's This Beginner Routine?

Hi All,
I have one of my friends who has been training for some time. He has put some mass, but he is still weak af. He never eat enough nor trained the right way and is not even close to the intermediate stage.

He aked me for a good routine. While I think that SS/SL or fierce 5 and so on will be ok… I am convinced that greyskull lp is superior because of its way of autoregulating volume, intensity and because of how it deals with failure. I do still like the way you can put together plugins.

Yet what I dislike is deadlifting with just one set a week. I am not saying that this ain’t gonna work… But it leaves almost no room for practice and btw most novice programs let you DL with a 1.5/week frequency (A/B split). Beacuse of the fatigue/overlap between squats and dl i would basically lower squat frequecy from 2/week to 1.5 week (just like in fierce 5 btw)

Basically i would make an AB split training 3 days per week
Squat 2x5+1xAMRAP
Bench 2x5+1xAMRAP
Bent over row 2x5+1xAMRAP
2x8 bb curl
2x8 overhead bb extension

Trap bar dl 1xAMRAP (much less taxing and easier to maintain proper form)
Weighted chinup 2x5+1xAMRAP
2x8 floor press
3x12-20 face pulls


I would switch out the BB overhead extension. Just an elbow killer

Do you think that the basic structure is well balanced? Increments are 2.5 lbs for upper body main lifts and 5 for lower body. Double the increment if you get more than 10 reps in the Amrap (just like it is in gslp)

its looks like a very reasonable program that you should see good progress on.

Lots of people might like to tweak certain things in certain ways, myself included but i’ll refrain, but it looks solid and you’re best off just trying it and seeing what you like and don’t like. If you take on board every opinion to ‘improve’ it you’ll end up with something that doesnt even remotely resemle where it started.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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