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How's This 3 Day SST Program?

I’ve attempted to create a three day program by using some concepts from the young wendler and sst. Let me know if this looks like it could work

Squat 5/3/1
Bench 5/3/1
Close grip bench SST
Pull-ups 3x8-10
Bent over rows 3x8-10
Crunches 3x25

Deadlift 5/3/1
Leg curls 3x10
Incline bench SST
Dumbell rows 3x8-10
Barbell curls 3x10
Tricep pressdown 3x10

Press 5/3/1
Front squats SST
Machine shoulder press 3x8-10
Lat pulldowns 3x8-10
Chest supported rows 3x8-10
Hammer curls 3x10
Hanging leg raises 3x15

If you are only able to lift 3 days a week, why not just keep SST as is and do it on the 9 day rotation? I’m sure there is a FB 3 day plan in the books already, instead of you blending 2 together. Just my 2 cents.

M - Squat
W - Bench
F - DL
M - Press
W - Squat
F - Bench
M - DL
W - Press
F - Squat


What this Waittz guys says above me.
Movement work
ONE main lift
ONE supplemental lift
Pick 3 assistance movements.
Run/Push Prowler/Walk/Bike

It works like magic.