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How's that supposed to go again?

We got a question for you t men, so when you meet someone new and start dating them, how early is too early to get the flying out your ass butterflies in your stomach feeling? Or was that indigestion?

With this one girl, I turn red & feel like I’m going to barf if one of my friends just tells me she’s around & even if she really isn’t. With girls I’m not really into I don’t get so nervous.

Just reading the word Pantydropper makes me tingle. That’s assuming you’re a woman. If you’re a man, then you should not be wearing panties, dropping panties, and making me puke.

Yes we are women. (That is there are 2 of us writing under this screen name).

Usually 30 minutes after climax.

Are you referring to the “i’m in love syndrome” or do i misread completely. Perhaps something a little more provocative you were attempting to ask.
In any event, post a reply to the thread “Is she after me” as I need your t-vixen opinions.
When you do, i will surely elaborate on your post.
Peace audi

Are you two girls hot? How do you feel about kissing each other? What about staring in a low buget movie about a guy two girls and a hotel room? It will be filmed like the Blair Witch project ie: My camcorder. The camera will probably fumble around alot like in BWP as there will be several daring action squences. Let me know. Tee hee hee. :slight_smile:

I can see it now: Close up on jeans/zip/I’m…so…scared…

Cep she won’t have tears running down her face. Heheheh. But good one man. Heheh :slight_smile: