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How's My Workout?

I’m training for the Decathlon. My specialty shoes have been lost/stolen, So I’m waiting for the new ones I ordered. Ok here we go.

Day 1
Morning: Yoga Sun Salutation, Morning Run & Pilates, Pullups, Wrist Roller, Low weight Military Press for 100 reps

Evening Workout
Front Squat Warmup
Clean Jerk or Power Clean
Drop Snatch or Other Explosive movevent
Back Extensions or Jump Shrugs
Natural GHR or Good Mornings
Bent-Over Rows or Front Pulldowns
Curls or Something
Calve Work
Ab Work

(Option) Night Workout
Handstand Isos

Day 2
Morning: Yoga, Run, Pilates, Pullups, Wrist Roller

Evening Workout
Dynamic Bench
Military Press or Narrow Grip Bench
Single-Arm Dumbell Press
Single Arm Dumbell Side Press
Weighted Dips
Other Triceps Work
Ab Work
Calve Work
(Option Night Workout)
1-Leg Squats

Day 3
Morning: Same as Day 1 & 2

Evening: Multi Jumps

Day 4
Same Morning Workout

Evening: Switched up Auxilirarys from Day 1

Day 5
Same Morning Workout

Evening: Switched up Auxilirarys From Day 2

Day 6

Day 7
Run, Pilates, Multi Jumps, no significant times.

Then week 2. Core Lower lifts are OH Squats and Jump Squats in place of Cleans and Jerks for my 1st and 4th day.

Upper Body stays the same.

Then when I get my spikes etc. I will go to the track before I workout at the gym and do drills, instead of running in the morning. I will still do a morning run on days 3 and 7. And on Day seven I might do some track work too. On these track days, I will cut two less important lifts from each workout, like curls, or Drop Snatches, etc.

My reps for core lifts are 5 of 5, or 3 of 3. Except my dynamic bench, which is 10 of 3. My cleans reps’ are something like 4-3-2-2-1. My reps for Auxilirarys are always 4 sets of 7 or less. Different combos, etc. Is this overtraining? When I say I take day 6 off, I mean I don’t do ANYTHING.
So How does it look? Sorry, alot of info.

Hi Finalyear,

You have ten events to compete in. When are you practicing your pole vault, high jump and long jumps, not to mention the 110 meter hurdles?

Also are your morning runs short distance track workouts?

You seem to know many kinds of lifts and I’m a little worried about your shoulders. Getting strong from weight lifting is important but practicing your 10 events is my main concern. Are you doing a periodization program then?

Good luck !!

Thanks for the response gold’s.
I’m in a GPP phase right now. Come December, I’ll go into SPP. That is when the field events area will free up (the high school football team has it now.) Mondays and Wednesdays right now I practice my jumping form. I do standing broad jumps, bounds, etc. I also just built a 42" hurdle out of wood that I will do basic technique on. Pole vault is a concern of mine right now, there is no way I can practice it until the season starts.

But I’m working on handstands and core stuff through the yoga and pilates/ab work to help it along. My morning runs are 1200 meters race pace, or I have a couple of longer courses. The reason I focus on running longer distance is because the 1500 was my third weakest event. My worst events were Pole Vault and 110mH.

I know I focus on lifting quite a bit, but during my SPP phase I will cut it down to 3 lifts with track stuff in place of the lifting.


Now that you’ve given me more info. I’m taking a closer look at your routine. We can definitely tackle the 1500 meters and increase flexibility along with endurance strength. All you need for each stage is to improve a little at a time. Check you pm for more details.

Take care.