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How's My Workout Program?


I've kinda got bored with my workout program lately,so I've made a new one.I'm gonna be bulking in a week or two,so I'm focusing on adding a little more mass.

Main focus:Chest and Triceps
Bench press
Incline flys
Dumbbell kick-backs
Close grip bench press(works shoulder,chest,and triceps)
Barbell Deadlift
Barbell Full Lunges

Main focus: Shoulders and Back
Shoulder press
Barbell upright rows
Barbell squat-press(works full body-legs,back, and shoulders)
Barbell bentover row
Dumbbell rows

Main focus:Legs and Biceps
Leg extensions
Leg press
Barbell Full Squat
Calf raises
Stiff-leg Deadlift
Bicep Barbell Curl
Bicep seated Concentration curl

I try to lift five pounds heavier with each compound exercise each week; I work my abs at my house three times a week.I'd be very thankful if I could here some opinions about this program.
Thankyou very much guys,poe.


I don't know how close to your 1RM you go on each exercise. But if you're coming very close to your peak exertion, man that looks like a heavy workload. It looks like you would overstress your body if you're hitting each exercise as hard as you can, is what I mean. Because if I tried to start a day with bench press and finish with squats (or any kind of legs) I'd be fried and my body wouldn't grow.

If you are keeping the workload pretty low on each exercise, though, it might be okay. If it were me, though, I'd break up some of those exercises and add another day to the split.


Yeah,thats what I was kinda thinking.I took some exercises out and kept in the compound ones.That looks a bit better?