How's My Workout Look

I am 55 years old and have been lifting 3 years. Been riding bicycles forever. Never thought i would like moving a pile of iron but i’m loving it.
Here’s what i do!

Monday - upper back, bi’s, abs, and standing calves.

Wednesday - lower back, hams, shoulders, and some shrugs.
Do stifflegged deads, good mornings, supermans, and leg curls to target lower back, and hams together.

Friday - quads, abs, sitting calves, and a little forearm work.

Saturday - chest, tricep, abs, and standing calves.

I do four exercises on large muscle groups, and three on
small groups. Do two exercises on the abs, and one on
I am currently taking
superpump 250
multi vitamin
fish oil
and eat all i can.

How’s it looking for me? Usuall takes from 60 to 70
minutes do do the work.

Looks alright feets…you gettin’ in your squats? I see you’ve got good mornings in your routine, those are great.

Moving heavy stuff is fun. You seem to have all the parts covered. Welcome aboard.

Well i do the best i can. I do squat but with a swiss ball at my back and dumbells. Had one knee scoped back a few, and hurt one about 14 months into the lifting. Didn’t go to the doctor but had to stop with the leg work then only use bodyweight for a while.

Got two bad knees, two bad shoulders, hurt lower back when i was 22, and have managed to aggrevate something between the shoulder blades. I am getting stronger though. Haven’t put on any weight but somehow muscles are getting bigger.