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How's My Training Plan?

Hey T-Nation. It’s been a while, but I’m back in the iron game. For good this time. I’ve been doing a bro split of sorts but came up with this 3 day per week, full body plan and I thought I’d get some feedback. Ideally I’d like to do 4 days, but schedule won’t allow it. I log my sets/reps/weight and always do more with each subsequent workout (progressive overload). Each of these sets is designed to be near failure on the last rep of the last set. Some emphasis was given to the showy muscles (chest, biceps, shoulders) but everything is covered.

The split is A,B, C with rotating periodization. Max Effort w/ assistance work, 5x5, 3x20. For example in week 1 workout A is ME, workout B is 5x5, and workout C is 3x20. After 3 weeks the cycle will repeat and workout A will again be the max effort day with higher loads than week 1.

Workout A

Low Incline DB Press
Standing EZ Curl
High Bar Back Squats
Seated V Grip Machine Row
Low Pulley Lateral Raise

Workout B

Flat BB Bench
Trap Bar Deadlift with Shrug
Chin Ups
Behind the Neck Overhead Press
Cable Flyes

Workout C

Pec Deck
Lat Pulldown
Front Squat
Face Pulls
Seated Incline DB Curl

Is there a question anywhere? Or would this be better for the log section?

I was just wondering if people thought it looked good. Too much variety? I’m 40 and thought that one workout per week with lighter weights would be good for the joints. Perhaps I will move this over to the log thread and post my meal prep also

Ah, right.

No, it looks horrible. Either one of these would he immeasurably better

If you really want to do your own programming, cool. Just make sure to read up on what you want to do. Plenty of good information on full body training on here.

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You think?

I don’t think it looks too bad to be honest.

Seen far worse on here over the years

Sure, it’s not quite as bad as some I’ve seen.

But a whole day of ME lifts with squat third in the list? Then a 5x5 day AND adding weight each week? There’s a few accidents waiting to happen.

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I have notice allot of people don’t have a idea what true ME work actually is

Maybe by M.E. this guy means to build up to a Hard top set of 6 or 8-10 reps. No 1 rep maxes, just a heavier day to keep building that strength. That would be more reasonable.

For me, incline dumbbells/flies/pec deck might beat up my front shoulder/pec tie-in area. But that’s just a personal thing.

Some of the rep ranges and exercises line up a little weird (5 x5 face pulls or 3 x20 trap bar deadlift shrugs) but variety can be fun.

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sorry, yes that’s what I meant. ramping up to a hard top set of as many reps I can do going heavy enough to assure it’s not more than 8-10. Also I agree some of the rep ranges line up weird and I modify those particular ones.

Honestly I’ve been enjoying it and making really good gains. I probably didn’t need to post tbh but felt nostalgic after reading some of my early t-nation posts when I was truly a noob back in 2006. sadly, my training age isn’t all that high because I took about 5 years off when I met my fiancé and had some other periods off here and there. One thing I can say is that when I’m in the gym I bust my ass. I’m the guy with his head down, breathing heavy, sweating, and struggling to get through those last few reps.

When I feel that I’ve accomplished something of note, I’ll post again. Good training to you all.

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Making gains and enjoying it are good. Bustin’ Ass, sweating and breathing heavy are cool too. Like old fashioned Workin’ Out!

That’s all the feedback you need. What I think doesn’t mean shit.

yeah a proven full body off this site a la Waterbury would be better.
Whatever you do, dont do trap bar./deadlift variations for sets of 20 and dont do pec dec for low reps regardless of what day you’re on. For a guy over 35 this is a great way to tempt injury.

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