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How's my Template?


Ive been doing the standard full body template outlined in beyond, but want to add some volume by adding pyramids on the 531 sets. If you haven’t read beyond this is simply just stepping back down in work weights with an AMRAP set on the last (or both). For example, week 3 looks like:


Right now my training is laid out as follows. All pressing sets are paired with Pull-Ups/downs or rows and squats and deads are paired with abs. I’ll usually warm up with the Agile 8 and some shoulder pre-hab (face-pulls, pull-aparts etc.) and then finish off with some sprinting

Day 1:

531 Squat
5x10 Incline DB Presses
3x12-15 Reverse hypers/ghrs/back extensions etc.

Day 2:

3x5 Squat
531 OHP
3x12-15 Reverse hypers/ghrs/back extensions etc.

Day 3

3x5 Squats
531 Bench
531 Deads
3x12-15 Reverse hypers/ghrs/back extensions etc.

Also, does anyone know whether you can add assistance work to the full body templates? If so, how much?


Follow the program from the book like it is laid out.

I don’t think it is recommended to deviate from the program (which is build in a certain way for a reason), but adding more volume/assistance is going to depend on you.

How old are you? How long have you been lifting? How is your recovery/Stress/sleep/nutrition?How high is your TM?What are your goals?

All of this is going to be different from person to person, so I don’t think anybody could give you an answer.

Add a little assistance, if you feel recovered, keep adding until you find the right balance, if you feel tired, drop it a little.

Good luck!