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How's My Split?


Hey guys, just wanted some advice on the split I'm running at the moment.

Nutrition at the moment is the V-Diet.

Age 24
Height 5'10''
Weight 207
Bf% 20 ish

Deadlift: 420
Bench: 300
Squat: 230 (yeah i know it sucks balls, but it is what it is)

Dead lift



Dead lift


Weaknesses (normally rear delts, calves, traps, some direct arm work)

Saturday: same as above.

I just quickly through this together. I figure I'm training everything twice a week, Tuesday gives a day of rest between the largest muscles groups as does Friday and Saturday.

Any comments on this or any advice on changes needed?

Rep/weight scheme is normally 5-6 sets per exercises ramping weight each set and declining reps from 12-15 down to 3-5 reps on the final set.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.


Not an expert, so take it for what it is worth, but if you can deadlift twice a week while in the middle of starving yourself then you are my hero.


Glad to be a role model lol, im not liftin my max tho, keepin them down to the 250 mark or else i probably would die.


Imo you will run yourself into the ground with that set up. I tend not to have back to back days where I'm either pulling or pushing both days. Your bi's and tri's don't have a day off. Also, chest, back and deads in one day? On the v diet? I don't think you can do your deads justice with this set up. Then again, you may do just fine. Prove me wrong I guess.


I could never do Chest and Back properly in the same day.


I thought this thread was going to be about a gratuitous display of flexibility.

I agree with the other comments, it looks pretty ambitious, especially given that your running the V-Diet. I know I'd certainly have a difficult time with it. But yeah, give it a shot and see. You can always back off.



then either repeat that or

That's my current split (that split done twice), and it gets me more than enough rest between bodyparts.

my breakdown is:
Legs(ham focus)/traps
Back(width)/Bis <-(no deadlifts here, hams and traps will be dead from day before)
Upper chest/tris


doesnt the V-Diet have a suggested workout plan to follow while you're on the diet? (I thought it did but maybe not?)


Yeah it does Greg, i don't wana do it though (but don't tell Chris!)


Oye, Marz.

Now my feelings about Volume/Frequency are pretty known. That being said, Chest/back/deadlifting AND delts/Legs are such large muscle groupings that require so much energy that, to me, you shouldnt be able to train those every 3 days, especially since you're on the VDiet.

The vdiet was made to be one large working program, which involves the workout scheme. When you change that, you will alter the affect of you. With your current training style paired with the vdiet, its my belief that youre going to run yourself into the ground and sacrifice a lot of muscle in the process.


ah crap... any sugestions?


Choose a more sensible diet, or a more sensible program.


I'd have to agree with the above posters. I don't know how long you've been on the V-Diet, but it's not easy. I'd stick with the program provided or not do the diet at all. Being that you are considering/doing it, you prob want to lose weight fast. Let the diet take care of that and just follow the outlined workout while trying to go as heavy as possible to retain muscle.


Ye tryna drop weight fast, on the 17th day and i'm down 19lbs from the start so its been good so far. Training has been going ok as well. The split is serving me well as well. I tend to recover quite quick.


point is dropping that much weight that fast means you are dropping more than just fat. To retain muscle, you have to put a heavy demand for it when cutting. if you arent lifting heavy, you cant create that demand. The body will begin cannibalizing itself as it sees no need to maintain the high caloric needs of muscle.