How's My Regular Workout Look?

 Im 19,  6"1 and 168-170lbs. As of right now im doing the "Your Ticket to the Gun show" workout routine but after I am finished I am planning on going back to my normal workout routine and would like advice on it. Here it is:

5x5 Dumbbell Flat Bench - i usually do 70’s
5x5 Dumbbell Incline Bench - i usually do 65’s
3x8 Dumbbell Curls - using 35’s and 40’s
3x8 Barbell Curls - using 80lbs
3x10 Tricep Extensions
3x10 Tate Press
5x5 Seated Row
and other excersises that for back and shoulders, as you can see i am a beginning because i do not know the names of the excersies.

I would just like advice on a good workout routine to workout my upper body 3 times per week to gain as much muscle and mass as possible. I am also taking Cytogainer 2 times a day. I do legs on a separate day, i would just like advice on the upper body. Thanks.

“Your ticket to the gun show” is not a program you should be following.

You need to add size everywhere, and focus on compound movements. You need to train your legs equally if you want to add as much muscle as possible, and you need to eat more.

WOrking your upper body 3x a week may be too much if you’re training everything every time. But if you do a 3 day split, or even rotate an ‘A’ and ‘B’ workout (mon-A, Wed-B, Fri-A etc…) as long as you’re not doing 20 sets for chest each time, you shold be fine. You’re young, lotta hormones running through your system, just add in enough food and adequate sleep and you’ll be cool.