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How's My PWO Drink?


I usually mix tablespoon of flax fiber, 44grms of Whey, table spoon of Pure fiber and 2 servings of natural oatmeal..What do you think of that mix? Any suggestions? How much fish oil should I take a day?



I would ditch the fiber and oatmeal, and keep the Whey. Oatmeal is a good source of carbs, and flax meal is good too, but not PWO. Flaxmeal in your oatmeal at breakfast is a better combination.

After a workout, you want a quick infusion of nutrients; soluble fiber will slow this down, and oatmeal is a 'slow' source of carbs.

Switch the oatmeal for a blend of Dextrose and Maltodetrin(gatorade?). And go for a 1:2 ratio of Protein to Carbs. So say 25g Whey:25g Dextrose(glucose):25g Maltodextrin.

As for fish oil, 2-5g a day of EPA+DHA is the general recomendation. That works out at 6-7 caps/day of generic (180mgEPA:120mgDHA) fish oil.


Thanks for the info! I was under the impression that carbs were very important for the PWO..





Even if you don't buy Surge by reading the info article for it you will better understand the mechanics of a post workout recovery drink and you can then try to copy that although I don't think it's likely.



They are, just not low GI carbs. You want higher GI carbs, like the other posters have listed.


What he said.

Get Surge, it's state of the art PWO drink.


If your a po' boy like me, and can't afford Surge, you can make a very inadequete substitute.

Chocolate milk is good.

Or 2 scoops protein powder, and one scoop of gatorade drink mix, possibly a scoop of creatine as well. Tastes kinda like raspberries and cream or something.


Surge costs $1.87 per serve (based on three scoops per serve and 16 serves per container at $30 per container).

Use two scoops plus one of your normal protein powder and you can stretch Surge to 24 serves, meaning it costs $1.25 per serve.

We hear the poverty BS on this site all the time. Let's be serious: if your budget is so tight that spending around $6 per week on a PWO shake means eviction or starvation than you've got bigger problems than looking good nekkid.


As others have said, you want to keep your PWO carbs simple. Surge is great, but so is plain old whey and dextrose. (And cheap as hell). i.e. Use a 2:1 ratio. 1 scoop average whey, 50g dex, etc. Cheap, effective.


I train everyday. I can't really afford a serving of Surge everyday. Its not so much that I couldn't buy 2 tubs of Surge a month, but I already have so many other supplements that it would add another 60 dollars a month to my supplement bill.


Your substitute is probably ok, not optimal, but ok. Most people need to realize Surge is not the only answer, but it is the optimal one. Plus the new flavor is pretty damn good.


What are your other supplements? You might have to assess the cost/benefit of the other products you take.

I am ready to stand corrected, but I think you'll find an effective PWO shake is considered the first supplement you should perfect and the last you should compromise.

The shake you have between meals would be the second concern.

If you're on a budget those are probably the only two items you should have on your supplement list because they'll do the most good for the least money and you can be confident that you've got the basics covered.

If you're mixing your own you're almost certainly compromising for which I can see no reason.

But I might be wrong.


ZMA- 9.00 a month. Once you start taking this stuff, you can not live with out it. I feel like I have three testicles when I am taking it.

Greens Plus- around 30 a month, when shipping is figured in. It wont make me big, but I will make me live a long time.

Protein- 1.00 a day for the cheap stuff.

Fish oil- 1.25 a day for Flameout, a dollar a day for the cheap stuff.

Power Drive- .50 cents a day.

Creatine- .35 cents a day.

Glutamine- 30 cents a day.

Various and sundry vitamins- .60 cents a day.

Thats about 5 bucks a day. 150 dollars a month, on stuff that I really dont need. I have also started eating much "cleaner" a box of macaroni and cheese is over a 1000 calories, and it costs .33 cents. A bag of brocoli doesn't even clear 100 calories, and its a buck.

Money is a bit tight in college. So, I will buy Surge when I get out of college and have more disposable income, but for now I am sticking with what I got.


It isn't a matter of getting evicted, but of "I don't need optimal because I'm not an elite athlete and I have better things to spend this money on." Whey isolate, maltodextrin, and dextrose is cheaper than Surge, and while it isn't quite as effective, admittedly, it gets the job done quite well.

Surge is great stuff, no doubt about it, but I prefer to have a few extra bucks for music equipment, books, CDs, movies, taking my wife out to dinner, etc. You know, life. If I had plenty of cash to spare, I'd use Surge, but I choose to save a few bucks and step down a notch.


You'd probably be better served by dropping half the stuff you're using now if it would allow you to use Surge. Power Drive, glutamine, and ZMA should all take a back seat to post-workout nutrition.

It's not about the number of supplements you take, it's about taking the most effective ones you can.


So slightly decreasing the effectiveness of your PWO shake in order to afford other supps isn't worth it? He should drop everything else and just stick with the very best PWO shake and he'll make better gains? I don't think so. ZMA and Spike are staples for me, and getting a slightly lower quality PWO shake helps me afford them. And I guarantee it helps more than it hurts.


In this case, yes.

I realize that people have emotional attachments to certain products and don't want to give them up, but he and you will get a healthy dose of supplemental BCAAs, in addition to glutamine and WPH, by using Surge. So, it has a much greater bang for the buck.

I use ZMA, and occasionally Power Drive as well, but I would give them up if it meant not using Surge.

It's about having one's supplement priorities straight. You can't use everything, so stick with what's the most effective.


Apparently we're not getting anywhere with this. I'll stick with what I'm doing because I know it's working for me and I like it, and you can stick to what you're doing.


Nobodies putting a gun to your head brother. The products you mentioned are great, but like Mr. King said if finances were an issue and only so many options were available Surge trumps ZMA and Power Drive in my book if muscle and strength gains were the goal.