How's My Progress?

[quote]johnny123 wrote:
whats your opinions on how I’m progressing[/quote]
What were your lifts six months ago?

What do you weigh now? What did you weigh six months ago?

That’s how you judge progress. “Hey, here’s what I can do now” doesn’t really tell us anything.

Not for nothing, man, but I thought I addressed this in your thread last month.

You need to keep your head down and build momentum for a few months at a time before you worry about “Am I doing good enough” or “Should I be on a better plan.”

[quote]JLone wrote:
Single stupidest OP I have seen in my life, thus far.[/quote]
Top ten, maybe, definitely not the worst.
(This was Eliteballa’s second post ever and two years before the shoe incident.)