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How's My Program and Diet?

I’m a 5’4" 187 lb 69guy been lifting off and on for quite awhile did some powerlifting back in the 90s right now I’m doing the 5-3-1 Monday squats with FSL leg press and ham curls 4 sets of 12 to the prowler 8 25yd with 50lb Tuesday bench again FSL incline bench and overhead narrowI SO rows 4 sets of 8-10 and same prowler workout Thursday deadlifts FSL hyper extension 4 sets 12 with 10 lb I have arthritis in the back so I take it easy on my back and the prowler workout Friday push press FSL 4 sets of 8-10 seated db presses 4 set of 10 to 12 pull-ups and dips prowler workout I do 3 set of 10-12 set ups or reverse crunches after each workouts I walking the tightrope of trying to loosing fat I’m not real big of chicken breast brown rice and veggies all the time I’ve counted my calories and right around 1200 seems to be the best for close to a pound a week what I’m wondering is with with program can I add 40 minutes of low impact cardio I’m trying to keep my micros at 74g carbs and protein 39g fat so is this all good for a guy my age any suggestions on something I can change



I didn’t know I was going to to be graded on my at work English

Well now you do.

I’m mostly joking man, but I honestly found that so difficult to read, I couldn’t give you any sensible advice. The fault may be all mine.

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If you’re engaging in written communication with others, you should try to make your communication clear. This is especially true when you want advice from them; it will help them to better help you if they understand what you want specifically.

Also, you won’t generally come across as a moron. I find that is always a plus.


Ok advice taken. It’s just that I’m using my phone. It’s not like typing it out on a computer. Besides I’m getting lazy in my old age.

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How are you surviving on 1200? I’m a barely 90lb girl and had a hard time on 1200

Also, the macros don’t add up

I’m not trying to be snarky, just observing

The micros are based on a 1600 calories not 1200. The 1200 calories is what I’ve found seems to be where I can lose weight. I have found that anywhere between 12 and 1400 calories is where I seen drop weight. 1600 seems to be more of my maintenance. I should add that I am at 33% body fat. My goal is around 15% body fat. I’ve been playing with this for some time. But when I start losing I’ll fall off the wagon. Then I’ve got to start all over again. My training stays the same just can’t stay on track with the diet.

I’m no doctor, but those numbers seem very low for your weight and height. You must have the willpower of a saint or the appetite of an ant to maintain that intake.


What is a 69guy? Sounds like a creepy username for an illicit website.


Give him a break, he’s already been lectured about his gramatical errors

Typo error I’m doing these on my I phone. Should have been I’m a 69 year old. OK

The rapper?