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How's My Nutrition?

I am trying to build lean muscle and want to make sure my diet is in check and there is nothing obviously out of whack. Any feedback is appreciated.

Typical Workout day:

2 Egg Omelette with Parmesan and tomatoes
Protein Shake with 2g Leucine, 2g Beta Alanine, 1 Scoop (20-25g) Whey & Handful Mixed berries blended with water
1 Fish Oil Capsule
Double Espresso

Apple & Nectarine

Can of tuna with broccoli, kale, pesto and salad
Low Fat Yoghurt with couple tsp ground flax, mixed berries
Half Avocado

1.30pm: 2g beta Alanine, 2g Leucine

3pm: About 150ish grams chicken

4pm: Serving Chili Con Carne with salad (Berardi’s recipe)

5pm: 20g Mixed Nuts

6.20pm: Shake: Scoop whey with 10g Maltodextrin & 10g Dextrose, 2g Leucine, 2g Beta Alanine (with water)

6.30pm: Workout (usually around 90mins)

7.30pm: Shake: Scoop whey with 20g Maltodextrin & 20g Dextrose, 2g Leucine

8.30pm: Bowl Porridge with Peanut Butter & maybe a protein bar if I’m still peckish

9.30pm: Beef Stir fry

11pm: Shake: Scoop Casein & Fish Oil Capsule

Usually have around 3 cups of Green Tea during the day also

I am currently 5’9 and 147lbs. Seems light but at the end of 2008 I was 134lbs as I was training/fighting Muay Thai Boxing (had to cut a shit load of weight; it got over the top so I won’t ever be fighting again in that weight category).
Been trying to pack on some muscle without too much fat gain.
Currently weight training Mon, Tues, Thurs & Sun

Excuse the long post, but thought it was best make it detailed.


Eat protein with your 9 am meal